The RIP-OFF Report and Complaint TV

Safeguard Properties

Hi Laura,

Thank you for posting the link to Rip Off Reports.  I am not too computer literate, so I can't figure out how to link it.

Would you please also link Complaint.TV News to Realneo?

That site also has a lot of interesting info regarding Safeguard Properties, too.


Safeguard Properties

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Twice this week

I have approached a truck emptying out foreclosed homes in my neighborhood.  One of the trucks represented  Maintenance Free Exteriors  (any idea where they might be located?  It looks like Georgia)  and the other represents Safeguard Properties 216-739-2900.  The first one seemed reputable with a truck and dumpster clearly marked Jones Roll Off Containers, an Akron company, hired by the aforementioned Maintenance Free Exteriors (Confused yet?  I am sure it is intentional).

The other (Safeguard) arrived via an unmarked van and unreputable looking "staff" to "secure" a nearby property (it has taken them two visits and they left one of the structures open to the elements in the interim). 

So what's really going on?  Will I ever see the real  story in my local newspaper?  Oh, Plain Dealer, BTW thanks for reporting on the heroin bust in Westlake.  Am I surprised?  No. 

Wake up surbanites, you haven't begun to understand the problem.

Who is making out ?

And what will it take for the PD to investigate the Safeguard story?  I wish I had time to do the Plain Dealer's job for them.

Meanwhile, I will be watching the most recent mystery demo in my neighborhood 2321 Willowdale for a property transfer or a demolition lien attached (I originally reported the number as 2317 because the adjacent renovated house is 2315). 

Now, there is a bright side to this story--the adjacent properties were renovated.  But, the taxes on those properties seem to have been reduced.  Was a deal cut? 


Good job with your observations.