Roldo tells it straight re: Corporate "sports" in Cleveland and across the US

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 21:34.

 Roldo is one of the very few who see through the fog of "civic loyalty" BS regarding corporate for-profit-like-any-other-corporation sports. 

Why should the "naming rights" income from the publicly owned stadium in Cleveland go to anyone other than the citizens of Cleveland?

Because Fred Nance - or some other Squire Sanders legal slicko - weasled/bribed the stupid City Counsel out of the income in a one-sided contract.  Don't forget: Tim Hagan had Jimmy Dimora working all night long with Fred the Fixer and Chris Kennedy getting the MedCon contract straight!  HA HA  Sleepless nights in Cleveland.  Tough.   

Read Roldo's Cleveland Leader report on the Haslam/Browns naming rights here.

Cleveland is a disaster - and going down on their "learning curve".

Almost everyone in City politics included. (Zack Reed - who doesn't cow tow to Sweeney - is not included)



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