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Every so often I see this sign driving down Lorain. Usually it mentions that they're looking for a 3rd shift press operator or something...

I don't know who the make gears for, I don't know how good or bad business is, I don't know who runs this place...but man. Is "positively Cleveland" or "the Cleveland Foundation" or a least the city council rep. have a sit-down to see what's up?

Has the owner lost it because the auto industry finally died?

Did he exhaust his options to find alternate revenue since?

Is the company's management run by dicks who are afraid of a black president? This facility is surrounded by the working poor who voted for Obama.

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From google-ing GEARCOA, I

From google-ing GEARCOA, I learned that the owner who emigrated with his family from England in the 20s, was in WWII,  came to this company as an accountant, took it over, and passed away of Parkinson's. I admit, he was the real deal.

I don't think he would allow this BS to be hanging in front of his plant, though.

I don't understand

 your objections. Obama really hasn't steered in a direction apart from Bush, except in rhetoric.

The corporations and top 1% in wealth run our country and so far Obama has not had the temerity to break from them.

So which do you think are NOT endangered:

  • jobs - no real efforts have been made to increase employment - only bail-out the banks and their executives;
  • healthcare  -going down fast -gasping in fact;
  • guns - tHAt I really don't care about, some do, maybe that one could be excluded;
  • freedom - Obama has continued every element of Bush's evisceration of citizen rights and supports all of Bush's expansion of executive power.

School me. I don't have blind faith in Obama  - why should I?

No more gear making for the gear heads

I have been wondering about the GM Volt they are claiming that if you drive it with gasoline  to power the batteries,  that drive the electric motor then you get 230 MPG and filling the tank cost $8.00.

Then if you plug it in to your home that uses as much electricity as running your washer for what three hours straight.

It’s cheaper to run it on gas, if this is true then all the cars will eventually be small gasoline engines that are basically generators that charge the batteries and with additional regeneration from braking and more than likely eventually solar roofs.

I can’t seem to find any real confirmation of this 230 MPG claim, is it the average never plugging it in or in conjunction with sometimes plugging it in?  Thats actualy a formula, the rates and times all can be calcualted and the results all relative. 

They will be selling for $40K and that allot of money, but if all vehicle shift to this design and fuel consumption shifts it is actually revolutionary…but is it true?   You also can get $7,500.00 in tax deduction on one. 

It's more than likely based on charging cycles and then the gasoline engine coming on and off to keep the charge up.

Getting this type of technology progressing will lead to better technology and better efficiency, but also requires smart grid technology, because it shift consumption from one fossil fuel to another.

If you plug the car into your home you are now using what ever is used to create that electricity.

The future requires being able to measure these actions, the rates of consumption the kilowatts, the MCF of natural gas, they are actually inerenently all BTU’s thermal units of energy. It is interesting because there is alternatives, like kinetic energy, the regenerative braking used to power the cars batteries. We also have pressurized water in our homes, that has kinetic energy. Steam and hot water and exhaust flues on furnaces have kinetic energy.

This is about bidirectional energy management, its about modulation and in the home. The meter is between you and the outside grid.

So as the home becomes more advanced and interactive that requires technicians, kind of like the cable guy, phone guy, plumber and electrician.

Back to a trade school and then linking it to real products they support and that we engineer and develop locally. That’s about teaching young men and woman ohms law….

The municipalities need to own the grid, then build a network to service it. Build products that are installed on it.

So then it is all about the auditor/register and that as a REGIONAL FUNCTION of government and operates a data warehouse of all of it.

The sign is what one persons opinion? Those that put those plastic characters up on display did they take a vote on it? Who cares! No more gear making for the gear heads….think fast what else can you do?