Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 02/11/2008 - 17:53.

Realneo.us is having issues renewing its domain name -

We are working on the problem and will NOT have it resolved on Thursday , Valentine's Day but  very likely FRIDAY. 

In the meantime, http://realneo.us can be accessed via http://realneo.org
Tell anyone you know who is interested in Realneo that they may continue to blog and read Realneo at our alternative url: Realneo.org

Thanks for everyone's patience.

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REALNEO.us saved

Congratulations and thanks to Jeff Buster and Jeff Schuler for navigating the WWW to piece together the connections to save the realneo.us URL from misuse... correcting mistakes made years ago, when the site was first established. It is now sustainable. Note, the content on realneo's server was never in danger, and is always backed-up for protection, and we have many other variations of realneo's URL protected, like realneo.org, but as a site ages it becomes established in cyberspace and the physical world, and it is valuable to keep all links and connections active for eternity. I believe realneo content is now as sustainable, in a stable location on the Internet, as is possible... post in peace.

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