Let the Drupal fun commence!

Submitted by DerekArnold on Tue, 08/02/2005 - 16:04.

The first event that I am attending is the first meeting of the Drupal conference. There have been quite a few people here that I have met that I have already worked with such as the crew from Bryght (Boris, Kris, Roland), Dries (the creator of Drupal), and Jonathan (of Firebright).

This session will proceed as follows:

  • Intro to Conferece - Roland Tanglao, Bryght
  • Intro to Oregon (Scott Kveton-Oregon State U. and Nate Angell-Portland State U.)
  • Demos
    • Bryght Demo- Richhard Eriksson, Bryght
    • CivicSpace - Zack Rosen, CivicSpace
  • Drupal Ecosystem - Dries Buytart,Creator and Project Lead, Drupal
  • Panel Discussion (Boris Mann, Bryght - Andrew Hoppin, Civicspace, Mitch Gore-Graphic Design )
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