Short Friday...

Submitted by DerekArnold on Mon, 08/08/2005 - 21:51.

Friday was an odd day. I went to an all too short session about Women in Open Source. It's a valid question that needs more time than just one session. We also need to ask how we can get more ethnic minorities into Open Source as well. A key to answering these questions is adoption. We need people to see that this isn't just toy software. Open source is living proof that knowledge is power. Code is colorblind and the only language that matters is the one(s) you write code in.

I caught the closing keynote of none other than Miguel de Icaza, the man of boundless energy and the main man of GNOME. As he talked about the newest features of GNOME's coming release 2.12 (which I can't to work with), I thought "This week is starting to end". Never have I been so sad to see a week end. It was a week where I met Open Source folks from everywhere. Somehow, all of these people wanted a piece of Open Source. Many of the people I met are spending their lives building tools that allow people to do wonderful things. I saw all 3 P-language guys there: Larry Wall, inventor of Perl, Guido von Rossum (Python creator) and Rasmus Lerdorf, whose language PHP, is the lanugage in which Drupal was written.

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