REALNEO Does Portland

Submitted by DerekArnold on Sun, 07/31/2005 - 10:25.

On Tuesday, August 2 to Sunday, August 7, 2005, I (Derek Arnold, Technology Analyst for REALNEO) will be in Portland, Oregon for the 2005 Drupal Conference which also runs concurrently with O'Reilly Open Source Conference, also in Portland.

I will be giving a report on happenings there as things progress.

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NEO Exclusive?!?!

Cool, Derek. See if you can find anyone else there from Northeast Ohio... I suspect you are our region's lone ambassador.

I look forward to your coverage... did you bring your camera?



I did bring my camera but Kris Krug of Bryght puts my nascent photo skills to so much shame.  He has boatload of pics on the OSCON2005 Flickr site. 

I have pictures but I have yet to upload them. 

A point made at an earlier at NEOExcellence is that Cleveland exports Clevelanders.  I have found this to be true.  I met a couple of people that are Cleveland natives that have moved for opportunities that aren't here (such as one Ph. D. that I met that does biology research using open source technology - Perl to be specific). 



Derek Arnold / d.arnold at realinks dot us

Get some feedback from NEOans and X-Pats

Derek - get all the feedback you can from X-Pats - how do they feel about Cleveland now that they are away - why are they gone - would they consider coming back?

Also, I'm interested if you find anyone still living and working in NEO who is there for the conference - are others capturing knowledge there for importing back to NEO, or is REALNEO the only local media and knowledge management source on Open Source for NEO.