Roldo - on subsidizing Dan Gilbert and his Cuyahoga public facilities

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 12/20/2016 - 21:40.

 Please read Roldo here on Have Coffee Will Write.    He's right.

Taxes going to the mega rich.   Totally assinine. 

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Roldo's archive at REALNEO preserved

Have Coffee Will Write may disappear, any day, like the predecessor blog  When I worked as a microfilm librarian - I fretted with how to preserve and catalog both BFD and Cool Cleveland.  And, other digital publications.  We gave up.  I worry about REALNEO - and how this content will be preserved.  So far, Jeff - you have been a benevolent administrator.   I worried when Susan started "editting" other folks accounts, back in the day.  And, when Norm went off the rails.  This digital publication does document the truth - it has become the "record of note" - while,  the Plain Dealer is not.

I am personally sickened that Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland operate in the red - and will continue to hand out monies to crooks like Dan Gilbert. I am sick that RTA is facing a 30 million dollar shortfall.  This region is run by a bunch of greedy morons.   And, the electorate stupidly goes along with their catastrophic agenda.

Roldo Bartimole

Good afternoon Laura,

That's true, you're absolutely correct. Any of us can go dark, for any number of reasons, at any time, but rest assured that I take Roldo's work very seriously and there are multiple backups on multiple machines and the bills are paid for Have Coffee Will Write several years into the future.

In addition, I'm also working on a paper version to be extra, extra sure.


Jeff Hess

Thanks for reading!

Good to see Roldo publishing. Thank you for your efforts to preserve free speech : )