SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES sign the PETITION to STOP Scams Theft Failure to pay Contractors - Tell Safeguard Properties to MOVE ON

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*** UPDATE ***

Illinois Attorney General’s Action Against Wrongful Foreclosures May Be First of Many
Whistleblower Attorneys are seeking information relative to Safeguard Properties alleged illegal tactics.   MORE HERE
 our website to set up a confidential,e. We have experienced whistleblower attorneys who are prepared to discuss your claims and help you determine the best way to protect your rights throughout the legal process.



SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES is well known across the country for ripping off contractors and for stealing from property owners that are delinquent with their mortgage payments.

Thousands of complaints from contractors who allege that SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES does not pay them after their work was completed, and from property owners who allege that they have lost their family photos, heirlooms, furniture, clothing, and all of their belongings.  


If the property owners are 45 days late with their mortgage payment, Safeguard Properties can enter their homes in an attempt to "safeguard" the mortgage holder's interest - minus any foreclosure filing.  


Some states have non-judicial foreclosures. If you own property in one of the non-judicial foreclosure states and sign the mortgage contract, no court intervention is required:


In non-judicial foreclosure states, the right to foreclose and sell the property actually lies with a 3rd party, known as the trustee; who has a fiduciary responsibility to both the lender and the borrower.
When you purchase a property, ownership is transferred to you using a document known as a deed. When you take a loan (in a non-judicial foreclosure state), you sign a deed of trust, which gives this third party trustee the right to sell the home if you fail to make payments. This power of sale is what makes non-judicial foreclosure possible.






Properties owners across the country come home to their occupied homes only to find locks changed and windows nailed shut.  

All of their belongings are gone.  Often stolen by Safeguard Properties contractors or by simply dumping the family's belongings in a dumpster.

NO court order.  NO foreclosure filing.

Lawsuits against Safeguard Properties have been filed in numerous states regarding the theft of property.


The Huffington Post wrote a recent story regarding Safeguard Properties:


Safeguard Properties Internal Documents Reveal Rampant Complaints Of Thefts, Break-Ins


Outside in the world, Safeguard Properties was supposed to be protecting millions of homes that had slid into foreclosure, shoring up and repairing abandoned properties for the banks that were responsible for tending to all this real estate gone bad.
But inside the offices of Safeguard’s complaint department, Kevin Kubovcik says he gained a starkly different perspective on his company's pursuits as allegations of incompetence, malevolence and larceny rolled in day after day.
People with legal title to their property called to complain that Safeguard contractors had broken into their homes and carted off family heirlooms, valuable artwork and weapons, he recalled. People living next door to foreclosed properties complained that Safeguard mixed up the addresses and locked them out of their own homes.
Complaints came in seemingly without end. "I'd pick up the phone, put it down, and then it would ring again," Kubovcik said.
recent Huffington Post investigation focused on Safeguard as the largest player in a little-scrutinized industry spawned by the American housing bust: the contractors tasked with the gritty work of maintaining a veritable empire of distressed real estate. Safeguard has been the target of dozens of lawsuits alleging that its contractors have wrongly broken into properties and carted off people’s property.   
According to contractor complaints, NO background check was performed on contractors until just recently.
SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES is the largest mortgage service provider in the country.   Let's end their scam now.
There are many petitions circulating  the web demanding that Safeguard Properties be held responsible for their crimes.  
It would be more beneficial for those circulating petitions to have one single petition with as many signatures as possible, and to also include serving the petition on the mortgage companies who hire Safeguard Properties as the 'middle man'.
Please sign the PETITION  and demand that Safeguard Properties MOVE ON and end their scam of destroying the lives of property owners and the contractors that are not paid for their work.
Petition Background
Safeguard Properties has hired many contractors and neglected to pay 90% of them, such as us who made up Markham Contracting, a small business owned and run by my father until he was forced to close it due to the financial burden Safeguard Properties placed us in. From not paying us our money, to giving us run around calls and hostility every time we inquired, and where then charged back if they decided to make up a new policy, or didnt like something. They are middle men for big banks pocketing our hard earned money, and taking the money from the big banks and throwing hard working people out on the streets. We must stop this corporate abuse!
Not only do they neglect their contractors, but they also have abused homeowners rights. They have thrown people out on the street.
MoveOn Petitions
Making sure "Safeguard Properties" is held accountable
This petition will be revised to also include serving the petition to all major mortgage companies who contract with Safeguard Properties.
*** Inquiring minds need to know, why are Cuyahoga County officials insisting on giving the politically connected SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES 100's if not 1000's of taxpayer's property MINUS any competitive bidding? ***
SCAM ALERT Safeguard Properties + Forest City = Slavic Village Recovery - First House 'donated' by the County Land Bank
The Cuyahoga County Land Bank has started the process of giving Safeguard Properties & Forest City (Slavic Village Recovery LLC ) up to 50 houses- with the possibility of 100's more.
*** UPDATE *** 
We are currently seeking other homeowners who were wrongfully evicted from their homes by Safeguard Properties or one of their vendors. Most states have a consumer fraud law that prohibits a banks and property managers from illegally breaking into one’s home, changing locks, falsely telling homeowners they can’t return and from stealing one’s personal possessions.
In addition to homeowners who may have become victim to Safeguard, we are also seeking to talk to vendors or contractors who have knowledge of Safeguard’s practices.
For more information or to see if you have a potential claim, contact attorney Brian Mahany at brian [at] mahanyertl [dot] com or by telephone at (414) 704-6731 (direct). All potential client inquiries are protected by the attorney-client privilege and kept in confidence.
Post by Brian Mahany, Esq.
Another complaint relative to SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES:
 The National Fair Housing Alliance, Miami Valley Fair Housing Center, Fair Housing 
Center of Central Indiana, Toledo Fair Housing Center, HOPE Fair Housing Center, and South 
Suburban Housing Center (collectively, “Complainants”) bring this complaint based on 
Respondents Safeguard Properties LLC and Safeguard Properties Management LLC’s 
(collectively, “Respondents”) racial discrimination in their maintenance of foreclosed homes in 
violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 3601 et seq. (“FHA”). 
 Confronted with a national foreclosure crisis, Complainants have turned their attention to 
the maintenance and rehabilitation of foreclosed properties in an effort to ensure that all 
communities are being treated equally by those responsible for maintaining foreclosed properties 
and preparing them for resale. Far from equal treatment, there are significant disparities in the 
maintenance of foreclosed properties in communities of color compared to White communities. 
 Respondents are Field Service Vendors (FSV) that have contracted with Fannie Mae to 
provide property maintenance services at Real Estate Owned properties (REOs) owned or 
controlled by Fannie Mae. Respondents have engaged in a pattern of discrimination through 
their selective fulfillment of their FSV responsibilities based on race. Specifically, Respondents 
maintain Fannie Mae properties located in White census tracts noticeably better than they 
maintain Fannie Mae properties located in predominantly African-American and Latino 
neighborhoods in the same metropolitan area. Respondents have engaged in such discriminatory 
conduct in communities across the country, including Dayton, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; 
Chicago, Illinois; and Charleston, South Carolina. 
 The result of the Respondents’ unlawful behavior is deteriorating and neglected 
structures in minority communities, as compared to well-maintained, attractive properties in 
White neighborhoods. Respondents’ conduct has impeded neighborhood stabilization and 
economic recovery, and harmed investors, homeowners, and municipalities by unnecessarily 
depressing property values.
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Safeguard works hand in hand w/FC and Land Bank

Safeguard Properties is the largest privately held mortgage field services company in the country. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and founded in 1990 by Robert Klein, Safeguard inspects and maintains defaulted and foreclosed properties for a wide range of clients in the mortgage industry, from local loan servicing companies to national publicly traded mortgage servicing corporations.

The problem is they dont pay their contractors for all the work that they perform which consists of a number of duties such as (REO, inspection and preservations of properties). My father and I along with my brother and uncle made up Markham Contracting, we took on several houses in Kentucky(where we reside), Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee. We were not compensated for gas, it was out of pocket and every week our pay was scheduled to go out, they would make up some excuse as to why it was late, and when you called accounting they said they were out of the office almost everytime, they you would suddenly find out about new "rules" and chargebacks on your pay, if someone wanted to create a new problem, as long as they got out of paying you ALL that you were earned and not just a meager sum of it, if even that. Not only do they neglect their contractors, but they also have abused homeowners rights, they have thrown people out on the street if a bank like HSBC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CitiGroup, Chase Manhattan, to name a few deemed them "deliquent" even if it was just a day or two late, this has been known to happen, their corporate abuse knows no ends, there are several homeowners and contractors alike that can back up my claims. Please sign this petition and lets make light of this issue and these abusive corporations like "Safeguard Properties" so that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Petition Background

Safeguard Properties has hired many contractors and neglected to pay 90% of them, such as us who made up Markham Contracting, a small business owned and run by my father until he was forced to close it due to the financial burden Safeguard Properties placed us in. From not paying us our money, to giving us run around calls and hostility every time we inquired, and where then charged back if they decided to make up a new policy, or didnt like something. They are middle men for big banks pocketing our hard earned money, and taking the money from the big banks and throwing hard working people out on the streets. We must stop this corporate abuse!.

Safeguard Properties - lawsuits allege FEDERAL RACKETEERING

A federal lawsuit alleging violations of the Racketeering Act was filed against Safeguard Properties on June 19, 2013:



RFC Case Number: 2:2013cv00835
File Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Plaintiff Counsel:  
Cause: Racketeering (RICO) Act
Court: Pennsylvania Western District Court


A Bethel Park couple claim in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday that a national property management company that handles foreclosure services had a local contractor repeatedly break into their home in 2012.

Alexandra and Anthony Hlista claim that Safeguard Properties of Valley View, Ohio, and the local contractor violated federal racketeering laws because they used the mail and electronic communications in setting up the break-ins and also violated state and federal consumer protection laws.

Michael Malakoff, their lawyer, said the contractor nailed windows shut, damaged screens and storm windows and changed the lock on their back door without any type of court order.

“They weren't even in foreclosure,” he said.

And mention of another recently filed RICO case against Safeguard Properties by a contractor alleging wire fraud with respect to changing bids and reporting inaccurate specification via email can be found here:



Did you know that Safeguard Properties has a laundry list of complaints against them as long as your arm? Beyond that, did you know that Safeguard Properties purchased the field servicing division of Bank Of America? Does this not create a conflict of interest, being essentially a subsidiary of Bank Of America.

Think about it folks – Bank Of America illegally and wrongfully forecloses on homeowners, then their right arm – Safeguard Properties takes them and resells them, that is after BOA has returned to the federal government and gets reimbursed for the full original loan value.
Beyond that, the employee for Safeguard who was overseeing our personal property removal told us that he personally has winterized properties and Bank Of America has ordered those same properties to be dewinterized in the dead of winter. Why? I’m glad you asked. Insurance and profit yet again.
Is there no end to the corruption. Ask yourself what would happen to you if you pulled this stunt even once. Right – you’d be pounding rocks at your friendly state prison for the next 10 years.
I’m thinking there are as few sets of stripped pajamas waiting for the folks at Bank Of America and Safeguard homes. But hey, it’s just business right?



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