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Sammy Catania, A&S '78, and his wife, Roberta Rocco, DAAP '77, live in Cleveland. He works for Cantania Investment and she for M.B.N.A. Bank.

Well, Jeff, since this it was the only Catania Investments, Inc., I could find, maybe, maybe not?





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the Catania site lists investments in Turkey and India

This seems a bit too cosmopolitan for anyone working for TWDC.   But it is intersting that one of the Board members bought a Sutton property - did I understand that correctly?  best, jeffb

 Jeff,TWDC Board President


TWDC Board President Tom Cook (ex employee of National City Bank)(who by the way replaced TWDC Board President Sammy Catania in June-July 2008) purchased a West 5th Street $394,669 condo, PP 004-18-082 on 07/28/06 from Lori Properties, Inc.) owned by Sammy Catania and Built by Sutton Builders, owned by Keith Sutton.

Not only that, TWDC SII Development Director/Project Manager Sammy and his wife Roberta's home (Titled in Roberta's name)  on West 11th was built and purchased  from Sutton Builders, 02/06/00, for $276,700:  PP 004-12-055

Also, check out City Council Records, 2nd page, Keith Sutton is a member of the Housing Advisory Board and sits on the Green Housing Advisory Committee for the City of Cleveland, Dept. of Community Development.