Sammy Catania Probation Watch: Just days after being placed on probation for criminal menacing, Catania was ticketed by police

Submitted by rmoz6699 on Sat, 01/29/2011 - 23:06.

I doubt a minor misdemeanor traffic violation rises to the level of a probation violation, though I'd think a series of tickets could.  Regardless, it's noteworthy that less than 20 days after he was sentenced and placed on probation for criminal menacing, and just 3 months after he completed his Aggression Control & Anger Management class,  Sammy Catania was pulled over by the police and ticketed for aggressive driving. 

See the Cleveland Municipal Court's dockets.

Defendant: Sammy Catania, 2406 Professor Court, Cleveland, OH.

Offense Date: 01/03/2011;  Primary Street: Carnegie Ave.; Secondary Street: Lorain Ave.

Charges:  1. Max Speed/Assured Clear Dist.; 2. Driver Seat Required

Catania was flying:  51mph in a 35mph zone. 

On 01/11/2011 Catania pleaded guilty to both charges and paid $226.00 in fines/costs.  It doesn't say whether he received points on his license yet. 

Does he have to report this incident to a probation officer?  My understanding is that a criminal on probation usually has to report every incident where he comes in contact with the police.

Is the vehicle he was driving (plate # SRCRLR) his private vehicle?  Who pays for the insurance?  I ask because he lists TWDC as his address for this case.


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good find.

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two possible scenarios for catania using twdc address as his own

 one possibly attempting to use his political connections in an attempt to get out of receving the ticket   


Two  his vehicle is registered to twdc - for some odd and questionable reason