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REALNEO has Hixson's and Plantation Home in Lakewood--carrying on the tradition of holiday merry-making. Hixon's is still the crazy, dusty warren of knick-knacks and treasures, I visited as a child with my father.  Please visit and make holiday memories for your little ones.

Bill Hixson still presides at his little cottage on Detroit Ave. And, he explained to me that this year was a horrible year, because he was not invited to the White House last year to hide the pickle, pig and frog ornaments on the trees. 

Well, my friends, rest assured--he was invited back this year and I have to believe that Santa will be here and that next year will be a better year for all. For that is the spirit of Christmas.



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West Side Market Hallelujah Chorus--pretty vanilla crowd

Yes--Jeff B--it was a fairly vanilla crowd--

All White singers in Chorus

Didn't really look like West Side Market (or Cleveland) to me.   Maybe I'm Scitzoid...


West side Market??? You ain't Scitzoid...

it sure AIN"T where I go buy my meat...was it closed that day?...and did you need some sort of "ticket" or something to get in the door?

Santa Line Slaying...

Listening to the revolting exit interview with Rokakis today on WCPN made me wonder just what Cleveland holiday story typifies Cleveland? 

Of course, we have the Russo brothers in the film industry, and we have the Christmas Story, and Rokakis wants to self-glorify himself with a movie produced by his cousin John Vourlis, and if you really want to understand our dark side--read Joe Eszterhas' autobiography Hollywood Animal. 

So now, Rokakis is spending his time deciding who should play him in a film story about his life (he wants Sean Penn or Matt Damon...a caller suggested the more appropriate Hobbit star Sean Austin). 

But, I say, we should bankroll a film adaptation of East Cleveland's Terrence Howard life story:

Or maybe even...Halle Berry's childhood...growing up in Bedford, Ohio...the alternate to the It's a Wonderful Life, reality of Bedford Falls.

I love the idea of "his part be played by???

Johnny Depp...he is from Kentucky.

and all the profits should be donated back to the citizens of CC

...I think a court should find his actions criminal and force him to repay every homeowner in Cuyahoga County since the time he took office for their losses and then some! 

Holiday Header

I think that there are some double-entendres to be had...but I won't go there :)

Great Header !

I went there...