Saying Goodbye to Police Officer Jimmy Simone from 2nd District

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Cleveland Patrol Officer Jim Simone


In less than 20 days, you will be gone from our community indefinitely. While we wish to send you early Birthday Wishes; we recognize that retiring from the Cleveland Police Department will also open new doors for you. We wish you the best! Along the way, you've created unforgetable memories for countless persons who've had the honor of being arrested and cited by you. I can remember a few myself.

I know many folks who are counting down your days with happiness. Yet, I can honestly say it will be bittersweet to see you go. You shall be missed even though you were definitely a thorn in many folks sides for ages! 

I'll forever remember Simone ticketing me for parking on the curb, ticketing me for pulling up on the wrong side of the street to say hi to my friend's mom who had signaled me as I was driving by, and for him ticketing me for apparently not stopping at a "yellow" caution light in front of St. Rocco's while taking my deployed team leader's family to the Ringling Bros. Circus one Fall.

I've heard the stories forever...Almost every person I've ever discussed Simone with says: "he'll ticket his very own mother."

During the "Blue Flu" back in 2004, I recall yelling at him about the "attitude" of the cops who were being very negligent during that spell.

It's been interesting living in 2nd District and watching Simone ticketing during the afternoon rushhours along Fulton Road throughout the years...

Whenever I have had to go to traffic court, who was almost always there with his video tapes in hand? Simone. For years, I thought he was ten feet tall until the day I approached his car and he got out of the car to talk to me. It was then that I realized he was human, despite his history as being Cleveland's "SUPERCOP".

My child has grown to appreciate the work of the police and always looks for her favorite cop car, "266" sitting on the corners. Whenever she sees a cop car, she immediately looks to see if it's Jimmy Simone.

I pray that the future endeavors of Officer Jimmy Simone are very successful. He's been a menacing cop who never gave anyone a break without depthful consideration.

When my nephew pulled a stunt that was pretty ugly leaving my mom in tears while he laughed;  I was so disappointed that I took him to see Simone at the station for a different perspective. Ultimately, he apologized to my mother and hopefully learned a lifelong lesson. 

Simone, you've been a character that many have challenged. You've been someone the teens admired enough to request at their awards ceremony with the Clark Metro Youth Awards. You've been the one who reminded countless people (to include myself) that: "It was not YOU WHO WAS PUTTING THEM IN JAIL; BUT THEIR ACTIONS WERE PUTTING THEM INTO JAIL." 

While you set aside your own abilities to be a high speed, zero drag leader to remain a "Traffic Cop"; our city lost out on TRUE leadership that embodied your strength of character. Prior military men like yourself who once valued accountability, learned to "survive" in a  corrupt City as public servants by making hard choices to either play it the corrupt way or segregate themselves from the bad apples by keeping their careers minimized to basic levels so as not to rock the boats.  

Sadly,  the world of corruption that permeated our community kept you from being the person you should have been. The lack of accountability of the public servant sector made many of us pay lots of fines. I wish you could have been arresting those frauds at City Hall and at the County Levels who violated the public at large with their community development plans, misappropriation of funds, and pay to play games with areas such as building & housing from A-Z.

It's all politics. I wonder if you ever imagined that the people had desired untainted, hard core, accountable leadership more than they wanted politicians in their pockets? I know that "0" Tolerance people and "do-gooders" become targets of the mafia for disrupting illegal activities. They can ultimately end up "floating in the river" if they are not careful and don't learn to pay to play quickly.

Heck, since we have worked diligently to disrupt the corruption, can we interest you in the position of Mayor in Cleveland during the next election? Perhaps you'd bring a considerable new perspective to this City since you've been a grunt for so long.... Smiles.

Ultimately, I want to Thank You for your service to our great city, Cleveland, Ohio. You'll forever be an icon in our hometown. When you retire; will they retire your car number or even put it in the CPD Museum? I think that would be a grand salute to your service.

Jimmy, thanks for always trying to give realistic help through the years when called upon regarding police matters. Thanks for all the tickets you charted to keep this City in Business. Thanks for the very few concessions you did make along your path as a patrolman. Thanks for remaining unyielding to certain scenarios. Thanks for your inspiration to countless kids who look up to you. Thanks for dedicating your career to Ward 14 of the City of Cleveland, Ohio and 2nd District....Cleveland's Finest Police Station.

The delightful memories of seeing your lights lit up behind another car during your target enforcement stops (knowing you were too busy to give us a ticket), seeing you at the police station, or bumping into you at the Justice Center seem to fading into time. Prayerfully the new generations of cops will offer our community the same consideration that you always brought to our 'hood. 



Saluting your Service! 

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This is like Cleveland losing her 1 real cop

This is like Cleveland losing her 1 real cop

Great write-up. He never ticketed me...

Perhaps you need to learn to drive?!?! ;-P

Disrupt IT

Recognition!!!....and Yes...Mayor...

I second that MOTION!!!....otherwise...the next best... YOU...since, you want to pass the seat to him!

killer cop

my condolences to the 5, or is it 6, families, who have had loved ones shot and killed by this man. Others shot, and survived. I can't see applauding the tickets written by Simone in a poor neighborhood, as a good thing, in the number of tickets written, and seeing Simone rack up the overtime in court appearances day after day, year after year.  If there is not enough traffic violators to get him overtime in court, no sweat, causes he drives around writing housing code violations. Does that make you safe? The judges know he lies under oath, and other officers keep a distance. There is a reason why he is in a single patrol car.  

Anyone asking just how much money this man makes a year, in regular pay and in overtime, and compare that to what other police officers make? And it is public taxpayer money so is it public knowledge?

Cleveland Patrolman James Simone will not face charges for fatally shooting an unarmed bank robber last summer 

This man is delusional and has shot almost a dozen people, and had put himself in really risky situations and promotes himself as a warrior of god.

He says he is only a police officer who, by God's will and duty's call, keeps landing in situations that require him to use deadly force.

Gods will????? "You're lucky I don't bust a cap in your fucking head," he was caught on camera telling a handcuffed man.

Being poor, and especially being a poor person of color, raises the risk that you will get shot or beaten by this man.

But, hey, you all are in agreement with Philip Morris of the Plain Dealer. Before you rush to blog your defense of this man, remember: there are always 2 sides. You have written yours; I write mine. Take it or leave it.

I see your point - are there any really good ones?

I totally see your point. When I wrote it was like we are losing our 1 real cop I was pointing out he is the only one we ever hear about.

What is your opinion - is he worse than, better than or the same as the other cops on the beat - and are there any really good ones you know of?

I've never had any contact with any of the police in Cleveland - not even a ticket.

Disrupt IT

If you have ever had this misfortune to encounter this guy

you wouldn't need to ask.

His unethical behavior and dishonesty give all police a bad name.

DBRA:Please provide supporting citations to this "ALLEGATION"...

1) Unethical Behavior???

2) Dishonesty???


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

like wHAt exactly Angel?

What "supporting citations" would make you happy?


"HA" in the middle of every post by you....

is not being missed... tHAnks for showing us tHAt you are attempting to dilude this's sad that your actual greatness is being undermined by your "SNIDE" "Underhanded"  allegations without supporting "EVIDENCE" regarding this blog.

Please quit MOLEsting blogs without providing evidence...

"HAve a HAppy day, without any HAssles!"

Many cops have made both good and bad choices in their positions of authority. We'd like to give them the respect that most have only begun to know how THEY have been used by the Administration of the CIty of Cleveland to drive the 2020 Master Plans in our area....




Condolences to the families of Simone shootings...

Thank you for highlighting the social injustices created by our CITY LEADERSHIP when CITY COUNCIL votes for such amazing benefits for our public servants. Perhaps if Simone had not been targeted as a "BAD GUY" by folks like you, many of us would still not be aware of how many areas of our local government are "OUT OF CONTROL!" 

We might also salute all the folks who quit paying attention to politics, quit voting, and quit holding these politicians that spend our tax dollars accountable... Over 80% of our local folks have quit paying attention to politics by stopping voting and they also quit holding their politicians accountable for these unbelievable allocations of funding and resources. THIS IS A BIG BUSINESS... hold the leadership accountable...

My condolences to the families of the folks who made poor choices and ended up on the wrong side of the law with Simone... and countless other cops who've shot criminals. I bet there's even more families who have appreciation for their work as cops that never get cited because the little things seem to get overlooked.  

While I sympathize with loss and grief of any family member; should any cop be the entire BLAME of the criminals that they are pursuing? I know several other cops who have "SHOT" people... does their entire integrity get drawn into question and slandered? Yes & No... but none in comparison to Simone... He only has close to 40 years serving this community... through all of it's challenges & changes.... including corruption from the top down...

Allowing the big picture to finally come into focus after 40 years of "CLEANSING THE POOR OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY" by the higher echelons might make you realize that he is not the only cop who was deliberately TOLD TO DO TARGET ENFORCEMENT.... Many unsuspecting cops have been used as PAWNS by the local government with both housing court and basic police work...some have even contacted me....humor...

"COPS at large" cannot disclose publicly the social injustices that they realize they have been "USED" to effectuate on the rest of us...and many of them are sick to their stomaches with the leadership...but cannot speak out openly without retaliation... They are human after all and sometimes it's hard to see the big picture when you live in tunnelvision day after day. But know in your hearts that many of them are beginning to "WISE UP" far beyond words and countless cops are reacting in more "CONSIDERATE" ways with the clearer understanding of their roles in our local government.

Visit Fulton & Clark and West 44th & Clark almost any week day at rush hour....he's (Simone) not even sitting there any more...a crew of downtown "TRAFFIC COPS" are patrolling that area making a killing for the City of Cleveland....driven by the leadership of Cleveland.... Figure it out before you blame one cop for targeting the poor....I'd say they are all "JUST DOING THEIR JOBS PER THE ORDERS OF THEIR COMMANDERS!"   (Hopefully they start targeting the newer status symbol cars, the passing through yuppies, and the middle class drug buyers that come into our neighborhoods instead of the poor....)

As far as raking in those funds for the city and himself... his work is a great example of our CITY LEADERSHIP GONE BAD.... Remember, your city council voted for the City Codified Ordinances that support those BIG BUSINESS POLICE EFFORTS! 

Lessons learned come in all forms... We are all human and we all have made mistakes. We all have the power to make a difference in our community at large. I just hope that citizens begin to look up with pride and start holding the top leaders accountable instead of "Blaming" the grunts for all the city's ills.

This all reminds me of how the Vietnam soldiers were spit on at the airports for their service by the protestors to the war! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

cj...please feel free to express yourself here...

I was very surprised to hear input from you this morning.  Everyones' comments are welcome here.  We do have "our days" but, we do welcome all.  Don't feel as though,  any one of us were demeaning your comments.  Best wishes...and please...Stay.  A blessed weekend to you and yours.                                                    Sincerely yours,  mytown55

Delusional Simone.... AWESOME COMPLIMENT!

Exciting...Simone has been "LABELED" "DELUSIONAL!" 

 I absolutely love hearing that he is not considered "NORMAL" by the local leadership... That simply means that he's not good at "pay to play politics", climbing social ladders with superficial actions, and being a corrupt jerk like the rest of the "GOOD OLE BOYS NETWORK!" ....glad to hear that! It also makes him a better candidate for Mayor! 

That's an impressive compliment that you just paid Simone because REALNEO folks all know that anyone who fights social injustice or does not play well with other corrupt jerks locally is simply "CRAZY OR DELUSIONAL".... We are proud to be the crazy ones who aren't corrupt! 

I love crazy delusional folks who don't fit well in the corruption games portrayed on the public at large! God Bless those who have the courage to step up to the plate of life against those forces of evil locally! God Bless the ones who were crazy enough to speak the truth about years of "CLEANSING ACTIONS" that violated the public at large! God Bless the activists, advocates, and assholes who refuse to tolerate abusive practices! 

God Bless REALNEO for giving us the forum to FINALLY UNITE & SHARE OUR PERSPECTIVES... while we may take hits through political retaliation for our points of view; we now have an open opportunity to agree to disagree and to communicate reasonably! Thanks for sharing a different perspective.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Ok.. now "THEY...just ...want to rid "OUR" police officers...

just as "THEY" did "OUR" priests..."OUR" churches...Now "THEY" are wanting to rid "OUR" teachers...WHAT IN GODS NAME DO YOU BELIEVE EVERYONE IS SCREAMING ABOUT???....check out this site...and the day coming up...March 15th, 2011... go to ... and click on  the site...and on the left hand of the site to UPCOMING EVENTS...there, you will find the title "FUCK POLICE BRUTALITY" and click on, excuse my language, but, that, is the Annoymous title of their message?  ... and they can't even identify themselves....                                                                             

And I LOVE and RESPECT our FORCE........

I am just letting people and OUR POLICE know about this Date and I am very disturbed about it....

so, Norm

you have a good question about if there are good/better police officers in Cleveland. Yes to both. It is a hard job, and burn out is rampant, but there are lots of good police officers. Most don't shoot multi people, and repeatedly put themselves in situations that either make them a media hero or a martyr. Most don't play the system to wrack up tens and tens of thousands of dollars in overtime writing tickets that don't result in a safer city.  This is just another form of corruption and the poor people getting ticketed can't fight back.

It makes it hard for the real officers out there day after day, who come to work with the best intentions.

Angel, you wrote "Please quit MOLEsting blogs without providing evidence...". Look in the mirror, will you? I just wanted to put out my thoughts on this, and thought that this was my right. Why did I ever think that I could do that and not have you go on and on and on, going really no where. If your goal was to discourage a forum of dialogue, well,  you sure have met that goal.  

I am done on the subject, so just type away, won't be back on this no matter what.


I appreciate the feedback CJ

I've been pretty blessed in my dealings with police - but I'm a white male and we all get off easier, I know. My black friends have horror stories, and not just in Cleveland. But they have some good stories as well - when they've been helped or blessed.

I'm glad to hear there are some good police and wish there was a way for citizens to feel that more in the community - and to have a better appreciation for what is a good police person, and what citizens think is bad. I have my opinions for my city - East Cleveland - and would be happy to share them if someone cared here... but they don't. But the cops don't harass me, either.

Perhaps the PD should feature good public servants rather than just the flashy ones. Cop of the day... teacher... firefighter... and why...

That would be more interesting to me - and make me feel better about Cleveland - than reading about a happy virus, or possible blue flu

Disrupt IT


It is always good to get all opinions- which is what I believe the purpose of realneo is for.  And one should not feel like they are being attacked for expressing their opinion.

I like Jim Simone, but I do understand your point of view.

Agreed: NO ONE should feel attacked for expressing their opinion

which brings us back to Agree to Disagree without taking it too personal...

CJ , I appreciate your perspective signficantly because it shines a light on the opinions of insiders.

I agree, most cops don't put themselves in those postions but there are many who have given their lives in the LOD as well. Then there are the ones who've brought immense disgrace to the uniform by getting convicted of heinous crimes. I guess all areas of the world have bad apples... It's just a matter of opinion what constitutes a bad apple.

There are plenty of cops that have tried to follow in his footsteps raking in the money from court appearances etc.... that is something we can actually agree on... But, how can we as a community change that? 

Apparently, under the Mayor, Directors negotiate contracts with union reps and then the agreed on contract terms are presented to City Council for approval.... Thus, our very own City Council approves those budget allocations which afford this "BIG BUSINESS"....

How many citizens will call their councilman and bitch about these kind of benefits? How many will demand system wide reviews of the gravy train benefits that such public servants enjoy? How many disgusted tax payers will actually unite to finally pull these budget allocations into perspective and demand accountability? I mean, how many citizens truly know that they have a right and responsibility to their community at large to react to such issues as "POLICE PAY" & BENEFITS?" 

Thanks again for sharing.



Always Appreciative,

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

That's all's his last day...Hasta La Vista, Jimmy!

Life just won't be as fun on the Westside of Cleveland as it once was...God Bless You, Jimmy...

My little Angel sends huge hugs! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Is Officer Simone

Is Officer Simone retiring?  That man did more good for Cleveland than 20 politicos.  I remember when he cut a broke young guy some slack when I went through that possibly pinkish light--okay, maybe I was a little late---on 25th and Bradwell as you go onto the Bridge.  Instead of writing me for the arguable (right, like that would fly in court) red light violation, he wrote me for a vehicle violation.  I had a pretty good driving record and it stayed that way.  Thirty years later and I didn't forget.  Thanks for all your great work.

Officer Simone is retired of this week...

I will surely miss him "in action".  May God bless him and his family and give him a wonderful retirement of days to come; with a ray of sunshine each day. 


JIMMY, will you consider putting residence back in the city limits of Cleveland and running for Mayor of Cleveland next year???? Thanks...we miss you!



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

We miss Jimmy Simone!

Last night, the cop who took over Jim Simone's traffic job at 2nd District "ARRESTED ME!" (On old traffic warrants which I could not afford to pay or to have the warrant blocks removed in order to go to court and request community service.) So, upon being pulled over by this replacement person....he arrested me. I spent the night in Cleveland's Finest Deteriorated jails....sweet. Great food for thought and future blogs....intrigued beyond words. My dad said that my 10 year old daughter vented to "Get Jimmy Simone to get the cop who arrested me!" How sweet that her little heart thought about Jimmy....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Jim Simone is well....

I hear that Jim Simone recently underwent surgery and is recovering well! He and his family are in our prayers this holiday season! Good to know he's still kicking! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"