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 Sculpture in the round of the Round-About on West 14th Street.  Anybody want to take a guess - what is it? 


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I won't hazard a guess

I never realized it was supposed to be art - and is that supposed to be landscaping?

Disrupt IT

What I have been wondering

What I have been wondering is, how much did the Ohio Department of Transportation shell out for this "landscaping?"

I do believe that they could have chosen a better selection of perennials as well as did some mulching to make the area look neater.  Some beautiful evergreens would look nice out in the round as well as make it look a little calmer.

You got it - I think they

You got it - I think they bulldozed Frank Giglio's yard because of weeds?  What would you call this?  I guess in this city one man's weed is another man's flower.

Bulldozing a man's home

Bulldozing a man's home because there are weeds in his yard is just wrong.  I think a fundraiser to get this man a new home is indeed warranted and it really needs to be given by the people that were responsible for the demolition of his home. 

Every homeowner in the area needs to be concerned because if this happened to one man it could happen to you too.

Replying to myself.  lol I

Replying to myself.  lol

I just had an idea.  Frank needs one of those $50 a plate dinner fundraisers in a nice restaurant.  Does anyone know any restaurants that would like to open their doors for this event? 

it was what it was

 the fact is that his yard was bulldozed and rock sculptures destroyed along with topiaries, mazes and organic natural habitat, because Frank had milkweed and milk thistle in his tree-lawn. He didn't want to mow it down because the monarchs stopped at his yard each year during their migration to California and the milk thistle is actually quite beautiful as well as a medicinal plant. If you want to see a stunning array of milk thistle - catch the property that belongs to the city in July - its abundant - its on West 3rd right before the lift bridge. 

Someone from the city had filed a complaint (I'm told this is where Cimperman helped out) and Frank was in the process of educating Judge Pianka as to his motives and working out a plan with him at housing court. Judge Pianka went on vacation and Frank woke up to a 
"dirt digger", as my boys call them, in his front yard and his dog was maced and he was thrown in jail and the rest is history, a history which involves the bulldozing of his home.

nice job, Joe...


W14R, if we don't save the property where the house once stood from the tax foreclosure, building a new house won't matter. You are right that this can happen to anyone. Organize. 

I'm never able to actually look at it -

 that "round-a-bout" is like a bumper car ring....

Weeds have their place in

Weeds have their place in our ecosystem.  I am not an expert but when I was walking in the Metro Park last week I saw a sign that said that a certain area was not mowed because not mowing it was good for the earth.   

Oh, I just remembered the

Oh, I just remembered the name of the park where I saw that sign and the weeds, it is the Meadow Ridge Picnic Area off of the Fulton Parkway going South, it is on the right hand side of the road if anyone wants to go there to take some photos.  It is a nice area.  I don't have a digital camera or I would do it myself. 

Quigley Circle sculpture and landscaping


Michael Murphy

Landscaping around the sculpture, provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation as part of the project that extended Quigley Rd. to 14th St. and created the traffic circle, was augmented by and is maintained by the all-volunteer Tremont Gardeners.

or not... ODOT landscaping... or is that OHDEAR (we haven't tended to that) landscaping. I'm no landscape architect, but to go with this... grasses and sedges please. Marigolds? I don't think so. It needs a neutral base, short or tall - one plant covering the entire island would do nicely and be more easily maintained. Just my humble opinion. Laura is the trained landscape architect here at rn.

or other prairie grasses...

KISS principle. Seems like there is more than enough going on there already without annuals to tend.

Beautiful picture, yours is

Beautiful picture, yours is much better than mine.  You actually have captured some of the flowers in bloom - right now it's all over grown.  Please, please don't misunderstand, I'm not knocking weeds.  Threre are a lot of weeks that I just love.  I'm just saying that Frank's yard was bulldozed partly because of weeds - if they can grow this - why couldn't Frank. 

sorry, not my photo

The photo I "quoted" is from the Cleveland Public Art website. They did not clearly, if at all, credit the photographer. The photo should rightfully be credited "courtesy of Cleveland Public Art".  But the link does take one straight to the gallery with lots more images of the piece and a description.

The photo of the bluestem is from a page that discusses Ohio native prairie grasses and I just searched for a picture to illustrate my point.

I feel ya on the "what's a weed?" issue. You know, I love my chicory, but my neighbors just hate it. We have formed a truce of sorts. A couple of times a summer I sadly mow them down or mow the grass around them if they are looking just too spectacular - particulalry in the early morning when goldfinches come to sway on their delicate stems. I raised a stink when the city crew took the mowed leaves I had strewn around the bases of the trees on my treelawn and made them replace it. By the weed standard, Cleveland Heights should have been at my door with a wrecking ball a couple of years ago. I have a patch of grass - acknowledgment that I live in a suburb. I suppose it keeps the wrecking ball at bay.

I think that anyone who says, "we tore down Frank's house because of weeds" is hiding something far more sinister. I think we pretty much all acknowledge that. So much BS. They tore down Frank's house to make way for gentrification and to "make a show", strike fear in the hearts of longtime Tremont residents. It was a callous act and someone doesn't sleep well (besides Frank) knowing what they did.

I do take issue with the "maintained by" part of the art description. What you photographed doesn't look maintained. Maybe they (the volunteers) just set their sights too high for a busy roundabout and should reconsider and simplify the plantings for next year. At one time, I envisioned a green landscape for SYC. That was then.


tearing down frank's house for weeds

 Wasn't the yard bulldozed 8 years ago? Have we come far enough now that if the City threatened this now we could conduct education and pull in experts from various places? On the other hand, this summer, neighbors called about a vacant walkaway foreclosed house next to them that had not been mowed all year. The City crew came and mowed down the wrong neighbors yard, destroying all of her plants because they lacked knowledge of non-traditional plants. I had walked by her yard admiring the foliage and flowers then suddenly it was all gone. The abandoned house still had the foot high grass and trash.  

proper weeds

 apparently some weeds are "proper" and others aren't.