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opaque - no roads or map info is readable?

 Is this Cleveland? or a generic?

Circle Jerk

I was just scratching around for a header - haven't been out much lately and too lazy to load images - I like the cover girl header.  My image is from the West 25th-Pearl "planning" sessions by NPI.   There is a follow-up summary meeting this Thursday at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Reinberger Hall.

We are so very appreciative of your efforts to lend your insight and perspective over the last few months to help us shape the West 25th Street/Pearl Road Corridor Transit Development Strategy. Our work is drawing to a close and this Thursday’s meeting will be an opportunity to informally engage leadership from each of the eight working groups and weigh in on the prevailing strategy.


The vision for future housing and transit along this critical Cleveland corridor has benefited from your participation and we hope that you will join us for this celebration. There will be no formal program, so please feel free to attend any portion of the open house that is most convenient. Representatives of the planning team will be on hand to receive feedback and answer any questions you have.


Thursday, Nov 13 – 5:30 to 7:30pm

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – Auditorium (3900 Wildlife Way)

Public Open House – Refreshments & Light Snacks will be Available

Thank you.


I couldn't attend the meeting last night - but Steven Litt wrote up the event :

 My comments:

Another circle jerk - we need historic Carnegie South library re-opened on Scranton - not drug dealer La Copa location - but Councilman Cummins is so in love with himself that he is not advocating for it so he can push Stark's fake Crocker Park "Villa Hispana"- and Cummins pulled Brooklyn Centre out of OBCDC and now their library is getting $30,000 to put in a coffee shop- money that could have been spent on REOPENING a library that served 3 schools within walking distance.  


For all the time I have lived here - I have also pleaded for some type of coordination between Metrohealth and Metroparks to at least get snow removal from vital bridges over 1-71 and over Big Creek - so moms w/kids in strollers don't walk in the street during winter.  Oh, and HOUSING - more housing like Southpointe Commons (?) or Foster Pointe (?) where services promised to residents have been lost - Mahal's Diner closed in South Pointe and Aldis and bus route (#50) used to entice 55+ to Foster Pointe--are gone.


Why will it take 7-10 years to run articulated buses like Euclid Ave?  They run on Detroit and Lorain RIGHT NOW... I am so sick of the disinvestment and whatever insane "Thriving Communities" plan has been hatched for around here by Forest City who also controls so many media outlets.  


And, by the way it is BROOKLYN CENTRE