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While this was given to me as a wordless pure/thought inspiration down load, I still have to digest it and analyze it and then find a way to put it into a transmission of words.  While the digesting and analyzing come easy for me, this time the putting into words has been much more difficult.  I have started several times to commit words to materialize this thought and found a difficulty I've never really faced before.  Not to mention in the midst of writing this I lost my internet connection for a whole day in a regional blackout. Even now as I write this my connection is being interrupted and I have to repeatedly save it as draft.  This is the first time I have ever had to go off line to my word processor application in order to complete composing a post to a forum. It is almost as if something does not want this information to be transmitted.   While I was analyzing and digesting many more ideas came to me than I can really commit to words in one post,  But perhaps will come out in future discussions.
There is probably no subject more controversial and troubling and terrifying to humans than the problem of evil, satan, antichrist, devil, sin.  These things relate to the shadow side of man, and man is very much afraid of his own shadow.  Some would deny their terror, refuse to believe, and refuse to look, and call others who do want to look at these things agents of fear.  Who is more afraid: the one who is willing to examine these issues, or the one who is not?
There is something very traumatic there in our collective memory which we don't want to remember.  I have always had this terrifying fear of heights, of falling.  We were once free unencumbered spirits, now we are bound in matter and life is a terminal dis-ease and we are afraid of death.  So these words we have are very much bound up in fear and in the religious context bind man further in his fear. 
Christ is one who has overcome all of these things and has no fear; these things still exist, but in a completely different context.  In a state of perfect en-lighten-ment, rest assured we will laugh very hard at how seriously we have been taking all of these things.
I promised some new definitions, and here they are.  We have to first drop all of the emotional judgements about these words and look at them from a perspective of complete objectivity.
The word Satan comes from Aramaic and ancient Egyptian implies something that is hard and resists.  Satan is the ruler of this material world because Satan IS matter.  All that is bound in matter is satan, albeit differentiated by so many varying degrees of density.  You could just as easily say that matter has many varying degrees of volatility and types of volatility.  All matter is also a form of energy, as demonstrated in Einstein’s equation:
E  = m c2
where   E = energy
            m = mass
            c2  = speed of light squared
Rearrange the equation:  m = E/ c2 , and reading what it says:
Mass (of matter) equals energy (expressed in volts, joules, calories, etc) divided by the speed of light squared, an enormously large number.  Now, if you were to cremate a human body, how much energy would be produced?  Take that number whatever it is, and divide it by the speed of light squared, and you would get a number far less than zero, and that would be the mass.  So in order for a person to have a mass of say 150 lbs/ 60 kilos, you would have to greatly reduce the velocity term in the denominator: in essence, mass is energy that has been slowed down, to a vibratory rate that allows matter to appear.
We have also from thermodynamics the laws of conservation of mass and conservation of energy: matter is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed from one form to another.  Thus we who have come from the Light shall also return to the Light.   Our cosmology speaks of spirit beings who "fell" in consciousness and became trapped in matter. One philosophy claims this was an act of rebellion against God, another claims this was an act of God wanting to experience itself though various parts, in order to develop consciousness.  It seems to me, it does not matter much what the original intent behind the Fall was, either way, our goal here is the same:  to develop consciousness and return to the state of union in the One, and as a free spirit being unencumbered by matter.  To reverse the Fall.  Entropy leads to chaos and dissolution, while Work must be applied to the System to restore Order.
Satan is US, the ones who fell. The why of it does not matter, only what we do from here.
Satan is that which is dense and hard resists the light.  There is a bit of the light in all of us, or else the subject would not interest us.  But within all of us there is something that resists our transformation.  So there is a drama to be played out with our resistance to the light and gradual transformation which is the very origin of the development of consciousness.  We are all participating in this drama, right here on this forum as we interact with each other and sparks of energy are flying as matter and anti-matter particles collide and disrupt our consciousness as we each seek to hold fast to our own respective positions.

Duality/Non duality -  While physics can help us to understand the nature of matter and energy, chemistry can help us to understand the nature of duality.   In order for the concept of duality, (the polarization of opposites) to have meaning it too must have its opposite in non duality.   In matter we have molecules that are polar, having a positive and negative side, as well as molecules that are not polarized.  Water and Oil are examples of polar and non-polar molecules that do not mix.   The oil is non-polar and less dense than the water, so it floats to the top.  In between the immiscible phases exists also a mixing zone of oil globules and water droplets and a small dissolved fraction.  In the design of as below, so above, consciousness also exists in separate polarized and non-polarized states.  (or fractured vs non fractured state, the One becoming two, and the two becoming One)  Most of consciousness (the missing 90% of the universe)  is separated into these immiscible phases, while we live in the mixing zone.
Antichrist  -  I really do not know where the idea came from of the antichrist refering to a single person.  The only place the word is actually used in the Bible  are in the letters of John, which describes a spirit, really a belief, gone out into the world which denies Jesus as ever having come to the world in the flesh. Some obnoxiously vocal ones have interpreted this so dogmatically that they have made it very difficult for anyone else to accept; such is the nature of resistance of dualistic consciousness trapped in matter.  What this teaching is really trying to explain is that the degree to which we reject the notion that the divine can become human, is the same degree that we reject our own divine potential.
 The antichrist is simply he who denies the Christ.  It relates directly to the discussion of satan above, when you consider his mission to reverse the Fall.  We are all Anti-christ any time we are resisting in this transformative process of becoming One with Christ regardless of whatever we claim to believe.  What we need to do is learn to drop all of our defenses and return to a state of egoic nakedness.  It is really a matter of learning to relax and to trust.
Evil/ Demons --  It has always been the devil in the details that drives dualistic separation, chaos deceptions and confusions.  It matters little whether you believe in this devil or not, but the effects are clearly visible.  If you don’t like the word “devil”  call it Entropy – the “degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity;  the steady degradation or disorganization of a system or society”  -Webster’s
Evil and Demons are also concepts with religious connotations that have introduced much confusion as well and need to be completely redefined.  What we call “Evil”, I would define as any manifested behavior, cause or result that is ultimately destructive and entropic in nature, regardless of how it may momentarily appear.  To this definition I give a new term :  Sh*t.  It is an unpronounceable word, but if you need to pronounce it, use your imagination.
In every culture exists a notion of demons, an unmanifested spiritual influence that inspires evil or as we have redefined,  destructive entropic dissolution.    To remove all confusion of religious connotations I introduce to you a new term:  F*rt.    Again, an unpronounceable word, for a nebulous spiritual concept.  Though largely unseen and intangible to most unsuspecting humans they  exist nonetheless, as silent but deadly vaporous thought-forms. This is probably the most difficult thing to talk about in polite conversation; F*rts are really offensive and embarrassing and they don’t like to be noticed.   Some sensitive ones can perceive these F*rts through various perceptive abilities, sometimes through the olafactory senses, sometimes auditory senses, sometimes even visual through the inner eye.  Others may sense this as a nauseating form of energy.  While the perception may differ, their nature is ever the same.  Sh*t and F*rts go hand in hand; a F*rt always proceeds the manifestation of Sh*t, though Sh*t is not always manifested in the presence of a F*rt.  One can even percieve the influence of the F*rt in the eyes of a person about to bring Sh*t into manifestation.  Sh*t and F*rts come from the same place,  the place of decomposition and that is all we need to say because we don’t want to go there.  The word Hell is really just a generic term for a very sh*tty place.
Man, I am really having difficulty writing this now, the computer keeps acting up.
Moving on to the next topic:  Sin.   Sin has typically been defined as an abomination to the Lord  and also described as “missing the mark.   What does this mean, an abomination?  Well, what does it mean to you, as the lord of your own house?  Suppose you beloved pet misses the mark and makes a mess on your carpet; isn’t that something abominable to you?   How you actually feel about that is related to the cost of the damage done and the degree of difficulty to repair the damage.  But you’re not going to have him put down for that are you?  More likely you will ask yourself why he did that; i.e.: because you haven’t changed the litter box in days, or you were too busy to take him for his normal walk, or he got bored because you weren’t paying attention to him, etc.   What you really want is for your pet to understand that he did something he should not have done, and that he should not do that again.  It is really a matter of training and discipline, with the goal of turning your pet into a perfect companion.  But what about those pets that even long after they have passed puppy or kitten hood are still destructive, unsociable, untrainable?  How long are you willing to keep them around your house?
Finally, one more term: Lucifer.  The religious have often equated Lucifer with the devil, though in other terms, the name means Light –bearer.  It has also been associated with the Morning Star,  the planet Venus, the goddess of Love.   Regardless of what the name really means,  men usually prefer familiar darkness to unfamiliar light, and so accustomed to the darkness end up perceiving the darkness as light and the light as darkness. The devil in the details lives on in religious dogma. Thus, one way to recognize a true light bearer is that he will certainly be controversial, as many will see the devil rather than the light he brings.  The light bearer must be prepare to suffer persecution, it is inevitable.
What we are called upon to do here is more and more, become bearers of the Light.


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