sophia & other canines heroes could have detected & prevented danger with the muslim terroist truck murderer in france

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thank you tom (commander stacho)- all you heroes - cheers - did i email this to you in the past about sophia k-9  sophia is so great at esp detecting anti-crime stuff as we walk tremont etc. sometimes sophia will wait on a sidewalk by a intersection or street like the other day about 25 yards from west 7 on starkweather she stopped waited a few minutes as a few cars drove by and started to walk to 7th when a fairly new blue 4 dr  vw drove by and sophia lunged at the car just it drove by i caught the last four numbers of the license and said into our video camera which has the car and and i'm searching for it -

sophia has done this about 10 times and some times as we are crossing the street at cars-trucks - most times the car-truck is going to fast to catch license -

won't it be great if or maybe its happening in cleveland as other places to coordinate video from anti- crime cameras with sophia-guy calls-reports and others -

sophia does the same as we go shopping or interacting in a building with humans but about 90% less proactive

 most if not all police military canines can do same even pets dogs - as we know about great military war dogs - but law enforcements k-9 are more restricted by training and insurance etc. - and people restrict their great pet dogs as they walk

 in israel  a lot of the military-police k-9 attack the suicide  bomber as soon as they detect smell explosives and don't wait for a human command -

 it will be great when every police district has a canine police officer or two station at the each district to warn alert prevent anyone from bombing etc.

eternal thanks tom as you well know your a good spirit in a great police body  - cheers sophia and guy

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