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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 01/07/2012 - 19:33.

Hello RealNeo, but that’s the above go to WWW.RealNeo. Us boo fire Fawkes
I’m writing this using Microsoft speech recognition. This is my first RealNeo report which I haven’t typed.
I am learning the commands as I go. The topic I am attending to discuss today concerns whether RealNeo is still interactive while it’s comments are shut off.
Is RealNeo  still interactive?
It is true that for the last few months RealNeo has at the common function shut off. 
During this time, parentheses while the comments have been shut off parentheses it has always been  possible to contact any author through the e-mail contact function - if you care to make a comment about the report of any author you can always e-mail the author and ask that author to include your comments below  the authors post.
And of course it is always possible to invite any realneo reporter to have coffee with you anytime you choose to invite them.
Over the holidays I am had meetings with three RealNeo reporters. I have more meetings scheduled.
Another way to comment on realneo is to write your own  post. Your post can be on the subject that another realneo report  raised, or can be an entirely new subject.
Other thoughts: while the realneo comments have been turned off it has dawned me that much of what drives open web sites like RealNeo could be construed as mania. Sort of like the republican presidential candidate roster-lots and lots of mania.
So while the comments on realneo have been off, the level of mania has  been low, and it is also true  that the variety of content contributed has been thinner, much thinner. As an aside, the amount of spam has also been much less.
So here’s a suggestion, let’s pretend the comments are still off so that in order to make a comment you must   react  with someone else from RealNeo! Or in the alternative you need to write your own content.
Happy new year!
Im getting the hang of this voice recognition!

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