Rare Zuniga Wood Sculpture Offered by Aspire Auctions

Submitted by Aspire on Wed, 11/30/2011 - 13:43.

 One of the most exciting pieces in the December is a sculpture of a Standing Woman from 1945 by the 20th century Costa Rican artist Franciso Zuniga (1912 – 1998). The piece is museum quality and has been in a private collection since it was purchased in 1946.  The one of a kind carved wood sculpture is typical of the artist’s sculptures of women who are grounded to the earth through the power of their form, as well as, the wood, stone, and bronze materials used to create them.  They bring to mind the Mayan and Aztec princesses of the Mexico’s history, while still referencing the modern woman of Mexico and Central America. Standing Woman is a perfect example of this combination of historic reference and modern mid-twentieth century form.  The strength and power of her body is made softer and more beautiful by the mahogany wood from which she is carved.   A preview of this item is available at www.aspireauctions.com and the auction estimate for this piece is $20,000 - $30,000. 

 Francisco Zúñiga (Costa Rican, 1912-1998)

The December online auction catalogue will be posted for viewing on December 2nd at www.aspireauctions.com. Bidding opens Friday December 9th and lots close the following week, December 15th. It's a timed auction, so you can bid anytime from anywhere, up until the timer runs out for the lot. Lots close in 1 minute intervals, over a two day period. There are over 800 lots, ranging from fine paintings, sculpture, Asian, sterling, fine watches & jewelry, pottery & glass, books, antique weapons, furniture and carpets.


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