Tavern Company serves up the Ultimate Monday Meal: Burger, Fries and Brew for Five Bones.

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Wed, 04/15/2009 - 04:51.



In today's tough economy, who doesn't want a good deal?  Cleveland  features a variety of interesting taverns, but one of my favorites is The Tavern Company - this little gem lies tucked away near the Cedar-Lee intersection  (2260 Lee Rd) in the Heights. 

It's a simple place, that draws great folks with great energy to congregate, convene, and consume a variety of luscious libations.  One of the best happy hours in town allows the cerveza connoseur  some great selections on tap - included are Great Lakes Dortmunder and Newcastle Brown Ale, two of my fave brews.  Pints during happy hour, which starts at 3PM,  are just 2.25 per.   Pretty sweet.


The bar features a simple and warm decor decorated with pictures covering over a decade's time during which proprietor John D. McMahon has grown a fine establishment - family and friends alike surround these cozy confines.  Each day brings a food special, with items covering tavern fare staples.   A recovering vegetarian (lol),  I make no bones about the fact that I enjoy a good burger.  I hope to someday shift more to fish and certainly have my share of veggies still - for fish lovers, the All you can eat Fish Fry might be just the ticket - served up every Wednesday.  For burger lovers, this joint whips up a whopping half-pounder with choice of cheese, a healthy helping of fries and a 12 oz draft of choice for a paltry five bucks.   Best deal in town, bar none.

I've always believed that what makes a great establishment and its greatest asset is its people - and the staff at the tavern are friendly, socially conscious, attentive and fun.   The lovely barmaid serving up libations this Monday happens to double as an artist - and I'll be showcasing some of her works soon.  

The uniqueness of a place is another highly prized commodity that speaks to differentiation.  I enjoy the little quirks represented by some very creative signage.  Case in point:



The people and energy and vibe are all good here at the Tavern Company!



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