DrupalCon DC 2009

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Thu, 12/25/2008 - 23:48.
03/04/2009 - 09:00
03/07/2009 - 18:59

DrupalCon is the official Drupal (un-)conference that attracts the most talented open source developers and innovative web shops in the world and brings them together to share knowledge, make decisions on the future of Drupal, and get to know each other in person.

It's also the premiere opportunity for Drupal users to learn what they can do with Drupal, find partners for future projects, and meet the people behind the code.

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Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Pl NW
Washington, DC 20001
United States

Drupal in libraries

 I am just a user of Drupal, not an architect, but I hope that I am able to swing this conference.  Also, it's not too much of a stretch to hope that next year's DrupalCon will be in Cleveland (the Magyar connection).

RealNEO needs to see how we can up the ante to make it happen here.

Meanwhile, I will be lurking for a while at the site to gauge library interest.  American Library Association rolled out their official Drupal experiment awhile back-- http://www.plaspace.org , and, predictably, library professionals are too timid to post anything lest they upset the gatekeepers.  Drupal allows  libraries to put out timely and vital community information in a blog/RSS feed format, as well as, to present the content-rich online CATALOG to a wider audience.  So, it is really sad that the gatekeeper mentality keeps us from fully realizing this potential.  

If anything--I hope that your exposure here Jeff Schuler puts you in the Drupal major league.  Evidently, migrating to the higher version of Drupal is a real #^$%^&%! 

Going to DrupalCon!

Just caught the warning from @DrupalCon on Twitter that only 50 tickets were left.

I was going to apply for a scholarship, but didn't get my act together soon enough.

When I pressed buy just a bit ago, there were 40 tickets left -- get one while you can! If any other Clevelanders are headed out to DC for the conference, please let me/us know -- let's work something out, together.

Really looking forward to the conference, and what I can bring back for this site and this community!

Drupalcon PARIS!!!

  Oh, la, la!!!

Dear Mr. Jackson, can you pull any strings to get the Spring Drupalcon in 2010?  September's Drupalcon is in Paris!!!

March 2010 DrupalCon

  Will most likely be in San Francisco, CA, as Jeff Schuler finds very little momentum to stage the event here in Cleveland.  c'est terrible :(