Cleveland School of the Arts Auditions for the 2007-2008 school year

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The next auditions date is an open call:
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Applications Available at the Auditions

The Cleveland School of the Arts is pleased to announce that spring auditions will be held on Saturday, May 5th between 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. for students interested in applying for the 2007-2008 school year. Please have your child prepare for the audition from the information below. Your child can only audition in one area of his or her choice. No appointments are necessary.


  1. A copy of the most recent report card for our records

  2. A copy of the most current IEP if a student requires special educational services

  3. Recommendation Letter completed by current arts area teacher of which the student is auditioning in.

The audition process takes about 2-3 hours for students as parents are expected to remain in the school building as auditions are being held.

There are two stages to the audition process. Once identified as a candidate through the first stage of the audition process a student will be asked to return for a callback. Final decisions will be made upon completion of both parts of the audition process.


ART: Bring a recent work that your child is proud of from a portfolio or a sketchbook. Cartoon drawings should not be included. At the audition, materials will be provided and you will be asked to draw a “still life” from observation. Your work will be judged on composition, use of space and execution. (Grades 6th – 11th)

DANCE: Girls must wear leotards and tights. Boys must wear shorts and white t-shirts. The audition will have two sections: technique and improvisation. Students will be instructed through a technique class of ballet, modern and jazz. Judges will consider body structure, movement, flow, coordination, rhythmic awareness, and most importantly, the ability to learn. A ballet barre will be provided. (Grades 6th – 11th)

THEATRE:: Students should come prepared with a memorized 2-3 minute monologue from a play, novel, poem, etc. Two copies of the selection should be provided for the judges. Voice, diction, projection, range (the ability to be heard), movement, characterization and improvisation will all be observed by the judges. (Grades 6th – 11th)

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: (String, Percussion or Wind instruments): Please bring your instrument and music, if possible. Be prepared to play a short piece. Piano and drums will be provided. You will also be asked to sight read a selection. (Grades 6th – 11th)

VOCAL MUSIC: Be prepared to sing a song of your choosing and bring a copy of the sheet music if possible. Rap is not acceptable. You will be asked to sing a familiar song such as “America” for intonation, voice quality, pitch, consonants, vowels, breath support and personality. (Grades 6th – 11th)

LITERARY ARTS: Please bring a portfolio of three pieces of writing (stories, poems, narratives, reports, essays, articles or plays). You will be asked to write on a subject chosen by the Director of the Writing Program. Work will be judged on originality of response, completeness, organization, vocabulary, sentence structure and mechanics. (Grades 9th – 11th Only)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bring recent work that your child is proud of from a portfolio or a sketchbook including photography. At the audition, materials will be provided and you will be asked to create a photographic composition. Your work will be judged on composition, value, tone, use of space and execution. (Grades 6th – 11th)

GRADES 4-11--AUDITION FOR A SPECIFIC ART FORM--Orchestra, band, piano, dance, literary arts, photography, choir, theatre and visual arts

GRADE K-3 (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY)--Selection is based on movement, willingness to learn and creativity

For more info--please call Upper Campus 216-791-2496 Lower Campus 216-361-0708


Cleveland School of the Arts
2064 Stearns Rd
Cleveland, OH
United States
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I'm going to learn more about School of the Arts

This sounds amazing. It would be cool to share some of the audition experience with the community... I'll see if that can be arranged. I'm on a CMSD committee on arts and education and plan to visit the School of the Arts.... I want to develop some discussion on REALNEO on arts and education - I'll post some questions for discussion after I get more into the committee process.

Any REALNEO folk have direct experience with School of the Arts?

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