Steelyard Walmart was selling Moldy Pineapples.....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sun, 08/18/2013 - 21:45.

 I went to Steelyard Walmart last week. There was a huge island of what looked to be beautiful pineapples....upon getting closer, the odor of MOLD permeated the area. As I picked up a couple pineapples and smelled them; it was obvious that several of the batch had mold somewhere on them despite not seeing the mold. I asked one of the workers if he noticed it...He tried several until it hit him. He hollared at a produce manager. That manager upon review stated that they would have all of them removed. There were other pineapples placed at different locations. However; I opted to take one anyhow that seemed to not be permeated with the mold. 

Upon attempting to cut it open; the mold has began growth on the bottom of it. We cut it open and the core was obviously discolored. We questioned it more and began researching on the internet...ultimately choosing to discard the pineapple.... 

We pray that no one else has gotten sick from any of those pineapples and that the store did not simply cut them up into cases to resell. That mold is totally unacceptable. I asked the clerk later if he was using bleach to clean the basin which they had sat in and he said no...I advised him use bleach because of mold's adverse affects on people especially those with allergies. 

Long story short; that pineapple has miraculous stuff in it...that is completely worthless at this point....I hope Wally world reacted by dumping that batch.... article says...............PITCH IT!!! Garbage only. 

BROMELAIN....amazing antiinflammatory qualities and health qualities..............great cancer fighting food too...

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Moldy Pineapple Alert

If you purchased pineapples at Walmart (Steelyards in Cleveland, Ohio) recently; please check them for mold and discard or return for refund. I found mold on a pineapple purchase from there recently. 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"