The Story that should make International News...

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 12/13/2010 - 22:29.
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You'd think some local journalist would want to rise up

You'd think some big-time local journalist would want to rise up above the mediocrity of this place, and write something amazing about Cleveland.

Instead, small time local journalists do

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Are you calling us: "SMALL"????

Dear Norm,

I love you dearly...but remember, we are the biggest, best, and most sincere writers that NEO has ever had because we are driven by something more important than greed, politics, or capital...we are driven by the inner sense of being that is compelled to put our fellow man's best interests in front of our own....and that is priceless... One of our best, big time REAL journalists did write that article and we are so very blessed to have them in our corner on behalf of the public at large!'s REALNEO AWARDS Time....

Shall with call this the MOSES CLEVELAND JOURNALISM AWARD OF THE YEAR on behalf of REALNEO? 

Hillbilly salutes to Hillbilly journalists! 

We're the small world after all

We sure aren't big shot media... they have their own parking spaces... I've never even been in Lola's (since they moved downtown)

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