Stranger than unrealest NEO: PD's Phillip Morris Is Related to "Lawmiss", Daughter of Judge Saffold... Who Are Suing PD

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 03:50.

I was just reading the latest installment of Goldberg's Folly - Were 'governmentwatcher' posts made by same user as 'lawmiss'? - the stranger-than-fiction real-time reality showing of the persecution of Judge Saffold by the editor of the region's monopoly newspaper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer... and I finally saw revealed the smoking gun the PD couldn't keep under the mattress any longer, as this matter went before the state Supreme Court, and is headed to civil trial... it turns out this case is all about who gets the wishbone at the Saffold family Thanksgiving dinner... Judge Saffold or her not-kissing-cousin, PD columnist Phillip Morris... 

Yes, buried wayyyy down at the end of paragraph 22 of this boring, rambling 28 paragraph article on the matter of the Plain Dealer "exposing" Judge Saffold as an Internet criminal of some sort (still not clear what is her supposed crime) it is revealed a Plain Dealer columnist - Phillip Morris - is the cousin of Judge Saffold... thus related to the outspoken daughter of Judge Saffold, who says she has posted comments on as "Lawmiss", which the PD "outed" as attributed to Judge Saffold.... as the PD referenced "comments posted March 19 about a column written by Morris, Saffold's cousin."

If this is the case, the cousin of Judge Saffold has been covering her cases and justice for the Cleveland Plain Dealer without the public realizing he is so politically connected. It certainly explains why Morris has a job - and it explains how a comment on could be so revealing about a family member of a reporter as to cause the newspaper to think it may make sense to break the trust of all readers, and perhaps break laws.... they thought they had a bigger scoop that would sell more papers in the long run... they thought they had a mole to the inside Turkey-talk of a Judge's Thanksgiving Roundtable, at their editors table...

But the information from an informant is only as good as the informant.

Perhaps the Saffolds saw Morris sneaking through their underwear drawers...

Now knowing that Morris is related to the Saffolds, and so has had access to the judge's purse and briefcase, literally, I have new concerns about the integrity of his newspaper and their claims surrounding this matter.

What if Morris has some family issues and has used his access to the databases and his Pulitzer-prize-candidate investigative skills to bark up the wrong family tree?!?!

What would be an appropriate conclusion to such an unreal reality show?

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.

Which old witch?

The Wicked Witch!

Which old witch?

Who's on First?

I surfaced questions about Morris and social justice here

I surfaced questions about Morris and social justice here on realNEO, in September, 2009 - now I see conflicts of interest reported surrounding Morris, Judge Saffold and Sims, the attorney involved in both the Sowell and Winston trials, I believe.

In my assessment of Morris' treatment of the Winston matter, I observed:

What is his crime? What is the price he will pay? That is to be determined by a court of law, rather than a lynching mob led by a black "columnist" trying to sell his opinions and newspaper to a largely white audience.

At this point, Morris and the PD have so tainted the justice system and jury pool here, Randie doesn't seem to have a chance of a fair investigation or trial.... this smells of a lynching.

That is a hate crime, exactly like the white-against-black hate crimes of all times, and it was committed by the black Morris against the black Winston.

As Morris himself concludes, "the overwhelming majority of hate crimes against African-Americans are committed by other black men". I'd say Morris' column against Randie is an excellent example of that, as Morris seems motivated by hatred against blacks.

Morris should be reassigned - send him to cover suffering of Blacks in Haiti for the rest of his life... I'm sure he'd be quite comfortable at the casino there.

Disrupt IT comments since normal people left the building

It is interesting to scan comments since normal people left the building...

When the PD started outing random people on, it appeared all sane people cancelled their accounts there and stopped posting. If you go to now, a few weeks later, it is entirely filled with hatemongers - there are a few "liberal trolls", probably planted there by the PD to give the appearance of balance, but no substantive and valuable dialog... it is the most disgusting place on the internet, and it is entirely the fault of PD Editor Goldberg... and intentional.

Good example of how low a newspaper website may go... - read through the comments, as they are soooo typical.

For shame - you will fail with this sick strategy of destroying our virtual community, Goldberg.

Your site and newspaper completely suck, and you are ruining our community - good work, Goldberg... you deserve a  trip to Disney World, in California, where you live and belong.

Disrupt IT