Students for Historic Preservation Series: Space for Place

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Ursuline College Students for Historic Preservation is a student association, which seeks community outreach to actively engage interested persons in Historic Preservation. Without active engagment in preservation past critiques of the discipline will ultimately be the reality... we need to expand the premise of historic preservation to address contemporary problems to benefit future communities.

SHPA Series, Space for Place, is an art lecture series that presents local and regional artist work that corresponds to the mission of historic preservation. Representing the built environment, heritage, and culutural landscape, lecture series work will stimulate the audience to view their environment as a historic resource, and thusly begin to actively use tools that historic preservation can provide.

Events will be held in unique historic venues throughout the greater Cleveland region.

This is a non-profit seeking venture that supports the artists' need for profit, and encourages them to sell work with no precentage of sale revenue expected.

SHPA will advirtise and market accordingly for involved artists.

All mediums are accepted and encouraged.

Current interested series artists range from installation, photography, to video documentary.

If you are interested, have ideas, or would like to be involved contact:

Jessica Wobig at jwobig [at] ursuline [dot] edu

"Education is the only means of progress. In order to address past mistakes, first we must realize they were wrong, and then learn how to prevent them for the future."

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Historic Preservation

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