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Questions proposed to Mr. Catania regarding his survey questions and answers:

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Mr. Catania

I believe that there are a few questions missing from your survey.

1. Of those 235 employees, how many are minorities (African American, Hispanics, etc.) from Tremont?

2. Of those 235 employees, how many are paid under the table and with no bvenefits?

3. Of Those 235 employees, how many work for below minimum wages, including tips?

4. Of those 235 employees, how many are hired out of the poverty level sector of Tremont?

5. Mr. Catania, how many of these businesses actually pay property taxes?

6. Since taxes are paid into a general fund, how much of the $210,919.00 actually comes back to Tremont?

7. How many of these establishments and 100% compliant, patio permits, entertainment permits, etc.?

8. How many of these establishments break the law by blasting speakers from their out door patios right in the back doors and yards of Tremont residents?

9. How many of these establishments are concerned with the quality of life issues in Tremont?

10. How many of these establishments do you think care that residents with children would like to have at least one day to walk around the neighborhood without worring about those driving while intoxicated?

11. How many of these establishments do you think would like to see check points and BAT mobiles set up in the egresses of Tremont to protect the public at large from so many drunk drivers endangering lives on our freeways?

12.  How many of high-end business owners actually live in Tremont?

13.  How many of these high-end business owners participate or attend community committees, block clubs or other organizations to discuss neighborhood and residents' concerns?

14.  How many of these high-end business owners have connections, family and/or friends working either with the city or county offices that aid them in skirting many of the rules and regulations imposed on Restaurants/Bars/Nightclubs?

Mr. Catania, you are right about one thing, it is Tremont's Turn. It is Tremont Resident's Turn to have some peace and enjoyment of their right to a quality of life that includes but is not limited to, the right to quiet, the right to breath clean air, the right to walk and travel on safe streets, to name a few.

Also, Mr. Catania, are you (family/friends) still the owners of a Liquor Supply Business, if so, could this be the reason you're pushing for the passing of these issues?


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Please support this important economic driver to continue Tremont moving forward….’IT’S TREMONTS TIME"

A few facts about how our bars and restaurants HELP move the Tremont Neighborhood Forward and continue to make Tremont be Cleveland’s number one neighborhood of CHOICE

This data was provided by not all but many of the licenses that are asking for your yes vote on NOV. 3rd. JustTheFacts [at] twdc [dot] org">JustTheFacts [at] twdc [dot] org

Number of Establishments responding to survey: 16

Total number of employees: 235

Total number of employees WHO ARE TREMONT RESIDENTS: 90 (38% of the total)

Total number of liquor licenses: 16

Annual Property Taxes Paid: $ 69, 128.00

Annual Employee City of Cleveland Taxes Paid $210, 919.00

Number of Storefront Renovation Applications: 2

Number of Establishments Receiving TAX ABATEMENT: ZERO!!

This informal survey was taken and supplied for YOU the voters to help make an INFORMED decision when at your polling place.








Fw: Re: "It's Tremont's Time" Vote YES on Issues 18, 19, 20 and 21 ...Jobs, Neighborhood Economic Growth, and Equality for Tremont !

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While the issues have

While the issues have passed, it is not a done deal.  Any establishment making application for a D6 can be contested by churches, schools, preschools and the Councilman.  Also, Councilman Cimperman has made it clear that each establishment owner MUST go before the block clubs for approval prior to receiving his blessing.


    BY: JustTheFacts [at]

BY: JustTheFacts [at] twdc [dot] org" href="/mc/compose?to=JustTheFacts [at] twdc [dot] org">JustTheFacts [at] twdc [dot] org - does this link make Tremont West Development Corp. a supporter/endorser/participant of this survey and other political matters and  violate their non-profit status?
Is it now TWDC's mission to fund salaried staff members to spend their time providing services for the high-end bars/nightclubs instead of assisting residents as it was the intended purpose created for this COMMUNITY organization?
I have attended all of the ED/LRP meetings and these issues were never discussed - is this the reason that Sammy's puppet David Purpera has postponed the Economic Development Committee meetings until March 2010, so that time which should be spent on important matters such as parking issues could be spent assisting bar owners in gaining D6 Liquor Licenses?  Is anyone receiving  kick-backs for these services?
Why won't TWDC nor TWDC Staff Members assist residents with quality of life issues that make it hard for them to live in the City of Cleveland and here in Tremont?

Are bus boys making $50,000 a year now?


Just looking at the numbers you provided jerleen.

235 employees would have to each make $50,000 per year to equal $210,000 in payroll taxes. It isn't believable. And when you consider that most restaurant help is paid less than $3/hr it seems preposterous unless each owner is making a small fortune while the employees scrape by.

All of the Steelyard business employment won't even add up to $1M annually in payroll taxes.

If you read the entire post

If you read the entire post you would have read that my question was in reply to the Mon. 11/02/09 post by Sammy Catania who stated:  From the 16 establishments that responded with the 235 employees -  "Annual Employee City of Cleveland Taxes Paid $210,919.00."

Now you know why I ask so many questions.  Those numbers are according to a survey conducted by Sammy Catania a salary paid staff employee of TWDC.  I thought there were a bit high myself.

You are so correct in believing that many of these owners are making "small furtunes" while some of the employees scrape by and without benefits. 

Why don't you ask JustTheFacts [at] twdc [dot] org.  



andrew2, in agreeing with


in agreeing with you that these figures are preposterous and without a doubt one way or the other should be checked out, perhaps an IRS audit should be recommended for these fine high-end establishments?

In case you're interested in doing you part as a concerned citizen, the address is:

Internal Revenue Service, Whistleblower Office, SE:WO, 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 29224.

While you're at it, see if you can find out where the inspectors are from the City of Cleveland's Building and Housing Department that are allowing so many of these award winning businesses to get away without proper permits for so long? 

I'm also thinking that someone such as yourself could really be of assistance in helping to bring the corruption investigation closer to Tremont due to the number of establishments and the number of volunteers needed to document the many city, county workers, officials and inspectors not only patronizing these businesses but buying into them as well.  

Are these city, county employees being paid off via "wine and dine?"  Are favors being granted due to employer/patron/ownership connections? 

Why is TWDC Salaried Staff SII Development Director/Project Manager Sammy Catania campaigning/fighting so hard for the high-end restaurant/bars/nightclubs when he should be spending his time helping residents?    Should there be an FBI probe into the activities of Tremont West Development Corp.?

Andrew, you sound like the type of individual we could use to help us clean up some of the injustices happening to the poor long-time residents of this community.