TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch

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Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC and The Medicine Wheel Project LLC have come together to advance, develop and implement (a) the adoption, by Medical Marijuana States, of the controlled dosage TETRACAN United States Patented Medical Marijuana Patch for the transcutaneous delivery of medical marijuana; (b) a nationally focused advocacy for Medical Marijuana as an augment to synthetic pharmaceuticals prescribed for the management of chronic pain; and (c) the adoption and implementation of a standardized program of:

   (i) nation-wide patient care through a universal collective of non-profit Foundations;

   (ii) universal regulatory protocols for the planting, cultivation, harvesting, quality control and bar-code traceability of products from seed to patient;

   (iii) laboratory testing of all products before release to dispensaries to ensure consistent potency of products and patient safety;

   (iv) universal State Taxation protocols;

   (v) certification job training in collaboration with the Agricultural Departments of colleges across the United States for well-paying employment in this very labor intensive industry; and

   (vi) 5-Star dispensing services of Medical Marijuana to eligible patients in States adopting appropriate Legislation.

Medcial Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC and The Medicine Wheel Project LLC provide States with an easy to adopt and implement standardized program of universal nation-wide patient care and through that standardization:

   (a) adoption of the controlled dosage TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch as the first exclusively controlled and clearly medicinal departure from marijuana’s age old delivery modality of smoking;

   (b) blocking of black-market product proliferation and non-taxable profiteering;

   (c) an understandable and risk manageable business enterprise for the investment community; and

   (d) an easy to implement program of protocols for the levying and collection of State Taxes on the manufacture and dispensing of Medical Marijuana.

The Medical Marijuana Business Revolution that is Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC and The Medicine Wheel Project LLC has been evolving over the past year.  Now is the time, in their evolution, for these companies to be brought forward as commercially organized, nationally-scaled businesses for the advocacy, cultivation and dispensing of Medical Marijuana in the form of the controlled dosage TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch in States which have adopted Medical Marijuana Legislation.

It is time that Medical Marijuana, through development of  the TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch, is brought into the light of day and woven into the fabric of main stream American Society rather than legitimized by State Legislation but nonetheless relegated to dark and off radar confines where main stream American Society speculates and becomes suspicious and untrusting of its motives.

Medical Marijuana is not a panacea, however, it is a legitimately effective augment to synthetic pharmaceuticals normally prescribed for management of chronic pain.  The therapeutic benefits of Medical Marijuana can only truly be appreciated by someone who suffers from the physical and psychological ravages of continuous, un-abating chronic pain. Unless someone has truly experienced years of continuous chronic pain and the physical and psychological side effects of the long-term use of synthetic pharmaceuticals normally prescribed for management of chronic pain such as Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Percocet and the like, it is not possible for anyone to understand what it means or feels like to have even respite from chronic pain that Medical Marijuana affords. 

American Society would never advocate or permit the prolonged suffering of animals without stepping in to provide some form of appropriate relief, however, that same Society stumbles when it comes to providing the theraputic pain management benefits of Medical Marijuana to its fellow members.  Therein lies the true tragedy.   


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I am a big supporter of MMJ and curious about this

I am a big supporter of MMJ and curious about this - I'll contact you to interview you more on the subject.

I'm curious if you know of any research related to MMJ-related treatments for lead poisoning...

Here is the question, as I posed it to a physician who is expert on lead poisoning:

Dear Dr. Lanphear,

Thank you for your amazing work with lead poisoning!

For many years I was co-chair for Infrastructure and Sustainability for the Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council, so have had the opportunity to review your work and hear you speak several times in Cleveland. You may be interested in the following related postings on a portal I founded called realneo.us:


My two younger sons were lead poisoned at my parents' 1921 home - my parents still don't take lead poisoning seriously (despite the fact my father is an MD - Psychiatrist)... they can't handle the guilt and still won't remediate so we have to keep our children away.

I grew up in the same house - did extensive renovations there - and now realize I was lead poisoned there, at least as an adult. I also became very sick renovating our current 1917 house and am certain that was from lead poisoning as well - we had all lead paint removed but I started sleeping there to guard the property during renovations and was nearly incapacitated... I live in the highest incidence neighborhood in America (East Cleveland), at over 30% children poisoned (of the low percentage tested)... but, my children were poisoned in an old mansion in a rich part of town, so the crisis is not so poverty based.

I am writing you in interest to explore natural ways people may cope. While I have no interest to medicate my children, and I do not think they need that now, I am curious if you are aware of research into the use of Cannabinoids to treat lead poisoning. I believe research has found people self-medicate with marijuana - I believe there may be a connection to changes in neurotransmitter metabolism in lead poisoning, from the citation below: "In our experimental acute lead-zinc poisoning, significant increase in noradrenaline and slight decrease in dopamine have been found in the brains of rats, which suggest that there is change in neurotransmitter metabolism in lead poisoning".

Have you seen any research along these lines, or do you know anyone who may have related insight?

Most of my friends are poor black adults from inner-city Cleveland and Youngstown - may are painters... many are lead poisoning victims - most smoke marijuana to stay in line. When I was sick, I did the same and it helped me control my impulses and vomiting. I am an advocate for MMJ in general.

Your thoughts or referral will be appreciated.

Norm Roulet
norm [at] realneo [dot] us

From a related posting on realNEO: http://realneo.us/va-difficult-position-300000-brain-damaged-veterans-may-need-illegal-marijuana

Perhaps medical marijuana may help my sons, who are lead poisoned, as I believe lead poisoned victims self-medicate with marijuana because is is an effective treatment for permanent brain damage from exposure to toxic metals, like lead... as I believe may be supported by research published in 1978 (and probably not researched further since):

Acute plumbism include recurrent seizures, cerebral palsy and mental retardations. The impairment of the central nervous system (CNS) with increased lead absorption is of paramount concern which remains unsolved because of the lack of specific and sensitive neurochemical/biochemical indicators of the effect of lead on the CNS. In our experimental acute lead-zinc poisoning, significant increase in noradrenaline and slight decrease in dopamine have been found in the brains of rats, which suggest that there is change in neurotransmitter metabolism in lead poisoning.

Norm Roulet
Disrupt IT

Here is his response:


Thank you for your note and sharing your story. I think it is quite plausible that one way to "self-medicate" following an exposure that alters the balance of neurotransmitters is to seek out drugs or experiences that "correct" the imbalance, whether this is with cannaboids or other drugs. Beyond that generic statement, however, I have little insight into the molecular mechanisms by which this might occur. 

Instead, I have decided to focus my efforts on preventing exposures to lead and other toxicants. I will leave it to you, my wife (a pediatrician) and others to find treatments for individuals who already have a disease or condition. I have decided to focus on prevention of disease and disabilities because that is what I perceive to be lacking; because there is no profit in prevention.

Best regards,


>>> Norm Roulet 02/24/11 1:21 AM >>>

I'm interested in more medical perspectives. Any thoughts from the heart of the industry, out in Seattle?

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