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Submitted by Susan Miller on Fri, 04/03/2009 - 12:16.

Owner of Hilliard Square Theater looking to sell historic Lakewood building so it can be restored

Where's Ray Shepardson? It's time to restage Jacques Brel! Or maybe some depression era plays.

“I don’t agree with Schwarz that protest is futile. I think that every voice that is raised has its effect. My opinion is that if you have convictions, you shouldn’t be afraid to express them” (Elmer Price, We, the People: A Play in Twenty Scenes [New York: Coward-McCann, 1933], 138).

More: Lakewood Observer story with images. How about some Furious Improvisation?

Litt's article states "The urban core is hollowing out." OK all you exurban GCP, Clevelandplussers - here's a reasonably sized project for you. It's a real "opportunity" for creativity.

Note that Cleveland Restoration Society is not mentioned anywhere in the article. Did Dobush contact them? Did he get a busy signal? A call back?

Beck Center? Shoulda woulda coulda...

Stimulus funds for arts or theater projects? Not yet.

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