They're trying to STEAL MY HOUSE! Aeon Financial FBO CapitalSource Bank Tax Lien Thieves

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 Will need  moral support against this corrupt machine


By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 24, 2011

Earlier this week Jeffrey Smiles and Rev. Lainie Dowell, political activist and commentator, came on my radio show and broke the unbelievable story that Jeffrey Smiles is currently living through. It all started when Jeffrey inherited a two bedroom home from his Grandmother after she passed away. She had wanted Jeffrey to use it for rental income. 

Jeffrey Smiles was the personal representative for his Grandmother’s estate and he inherited her home in August 2008. The home had been in their family since 1947. There were no other assets and Jeffrey spent nearly $8,000 in this process, $4,500 in legal fees alone. All taxes were paid in full by Jeffrey.  

The place was transitioned to Jeffrey as he worked to fix it up so he could rent it out. More taxes came due, but since he was spending so much money fixing up things, he approached the Baltimore County Tax Office to make a partial payment of $500. He personally took a Certified check of the $500 to them in early April 2010.

Jeffrey states he received one tax bill (others were not received) and he explained to the tax office that he was in the middle of remodeling work and couldn’t afford to pay in full right then but wanted to pay in 3 installments. This was all up front in good faith. He was told that they weren’t accepting partial payments but he had until December 2010 to pay and the figure of the tax bill wouldn’t increase much. So, that is what Jeffrey planned to do since they wouldn’t accept a partial payment plan.

Then Jeffrey got a letter from Baltimore County dated August 1, 2010 saying a tax lien had been issued. He shared with me how stunned he was and that he called the number listed and was quoted a figure more than double the amount listed. When he dared to question this new, engorged figure, even quoting the representative on the phone the law, he was hung up on. Jeffrey immediately called back and no one would answer. He left a message and the phone call was not returned.

The crime against Jeffrey Smiles built from here


Emails from Jeff regarding the possible loss of his family's home- owned since 1947:    



There is now ample evidence of fraud and collusion between Baltimore county and CapitalSource fbo/Aeon financial LLc. Keith Dorsey, OBF director also appears to be deeply involved in setting up my situation as well as rigging the sales of these phony (unConstitutional and illegal) "tax lien certificates" to CapitalSource/Aeon to increase the revenue of Baltimore County.


Patriots across this nation are being alerted to this ongoing scam in Maryland.


P.S. Just received order from Judge John Fader for open hearing on October 14, 2011 at 9:30am.

Representatives of the Media will be present. No cameras allowed. I've just requested additional time.  Will need  moral support against this corrupt machine.

People for life and freedom - Jeff      


Dear Lily,


As an update, I have filed a response with the court to Aaron Burch's request that my property be given to Capitalsource bank fbo/aeon financial, llc and I have filed a JUDICIAL NOTICE w/ accompaning SWORN AFFIDAVIT and exhibits. No response fron corrupt Baltimore county to date. I have also filed a complaint with the Attrorney Grievance Commission of Maryland against both Malik J. Tuma ( already repremanded by the commission) and Aaron Burch requesting an investigation (and hopefully disbarment) as Aaron Burch, assistant county attorney has attempted to defraud me and has acted on behalf of Aeon financial, llc to deliberatle benefit the plaintif, in violation of the law and the rules of professional conduct. There is also evidence of collusion, perjury and unjust enrichment.


Today I learned tha Keith Dorsey has lied (heresay from Congressional office) to officials about what happened. In early March, he and Bob frank, according  to county councilwoman, cathy bevins' assisitant, told them that I had just showed up at the tax office in November and "tricked" them into accepting the check for $1,852.20 and then took off.


Now, according to congressional staffer for Jim Gerlach, Keith Dorsey, OBF director, is telling officials that the reason for the tax sale was that I missed the first payment of the installment plan.


These people are patholigical liars (when confirmed) and cannot be trusted in any way to tell the truth.





  Aeon Financial FBO CapitalSource Bank are the same thieves that have invaded Cuyahoga County via tax delinquent liens. 

They have filed nearly 2,500 property tax foreclosures in Cuyahoga County since 2009.

CapitalSource Bank aka Aeon Financial currently owns 84 properties in Cuyahoga County obtained via tax foreclosures and are not timely paying  their own property taxes.  ( I last checked their taxes in August 2011 and the following information was accurate at that time)



1.   On February 18, 2011, Neal Wolf , the former owner of parcel #  110 20 029 ,  lost his property valued at  $55,900  to this company for two delinquent tax liens in the amount of   $ 957.39  and   $1587.01. 

      CapitalSource Bank,  presently owes  $1,496.65  in delinquent property taxes.



2.   On February 18, 2011, Arnold & Gloria Lockett , the former owners of parcel # 109 19 110, lost their property valued at $12,200 to this company for two delinquent tax liens in the amount of   $2,737.64  and $2342.50.

         CapitalSource Bank presently owes the County  $ 8548.19 - which includes a demolition fee.



3.     On February 18, 2011, Karen Pickard , the former owner of parcel # 113 21 013 , lost her property valued at $68,800 to this company for two delinquent property tax liens in the amount of   $935.26  and   $1,828.85 .    

          CapitalSource Bank presently owes the County $  1,843.38  in delinquent property taxes. 


4.     On February 18, 2011, Darnell Shields , the former property owner of parcel # 111 01 080, lost his property valued at $49,500 to this company for a tax lien in the amount of   $1,379.87 .  

        CapitalSource Bank presently owes $ 1,325.00 in delinquent property taxes.


5.    On February 18, 2011, Mark Kotnik  , the former property owner of parcel #  112 21 078 , lost his property valued at $69,500 for two delinquent tax liens in the amount of   $1,074.80  and    $1,148.17.

       CapitalSource Bank presently owes $1,809.85  in delinquent property taxes.


6.    On February 18, 2011, Tracie Lee, the former owner of parcel #  108-21-038, lost his property valued at $120,000 for two delinquent tax liens in the amount of  $2,009.78 and   $1,851.73 .

       CapitalSource Bank presently owes $8490.42 in delinquent property taxes.


7.    On February 18, 2011,  Ricky and Ruth Taylor , former owners of parcel # 107-03-067, lost their property valued at $68,000 for two delinquent property tax liens in the amount of   $2,074.95  and    $1,926.82.

       CapitalSource Bank owes $ 1838.68   in delinquent property taxes.



More on Aeon Financial's suspicious activity in Cuyahoga County here



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If the Tax Certificate Purchasers in Cuyahoga County turned our county to hell in a handbasket; then what do we expect from the corrupt Land Bank???? 



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