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In life, every day is like a new day – one has no idea what sights may come one’s way.
Sunday, August 29, 2021 – was a hot (85 - 90 deg. F) day -- with clear skies to start with – changing to dark overcast skies roaring with thunder in the early afternoon. It looked like we were going to get a sudden downpour.
Not even close!
Both rain gages, located in our house on the south side of Jefferson Park, showed a reading of between 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch -- which means we got only 3/16 inch of rain.
Then it cleared up, cooled down, and the sun came out.
Shortly before 7:00 p.m. I ventured out for an hour of solo tennis. It was 77 deg. F with 89% humidity.
I play tennis year-round – weather permitting.
I was the only person playing today – occupying one court out of eight courts.
There were three youths in the basketball courts.
And a train with kids – about six -- in the children’s playground.
Did I say a train?
As I was approaching the tennis courts -- a three-car train pulled into the playground area – and the kids got out and played on the slides and the swings.
A small sized tractor driven by a gentleman was pulling the train.
The train approached the playground from the north side.
Not clear of the relationship between the driver and the kids.
I was in the tennis court (the northwest court adjoining West 133rd Street) lobbing my nine balls (one for each of the planets) – from one-side to the other side – and from the other side back to the first side.
Meanwhile the kids were playing in the playground area.
Two of the kids came with a tennis ball and played in the southeast tennis court for a few minutes -- throwing the ball back and forth -- and then went back.
After about 15 minutes of playing – since the arrival of the train – the driver got his passengers together – and started driving north.
The first photograph shows the train as it passed by my tennis court – in the space between the east and west courts – that is between the courts adjoining West 132nd and West 133rd streets.
This is the space adorned with Cleveland Pear trees – no fruit – only spring blossoms. A spring storm knocked down a few big branches of off a tree – that brought down a power line feeding the tennis court lights – it took a couple of weeks to clear the debris and restore power to the courts. Some of the lights are still out and some of the light receptacles are dangling above. Anybody’s guess when power will be restored to all the lights and when the dangling receptacles will be fixed.
A few seconds later – as the second photograph shows -- the train was in the northern area of the park – adorned with tall trees – maples, oaks, and honey locusts.
The train made a right turn – eastbound – and soon it was out of view.
I continued with my tennis.
The park suddenly felt empty – it was nearly empty before the train with six kids and the driver arrived.
The presence of the kids brought a sudden burst of energy to the park. Activity in the park has dropped precipitously since the senseless gun violence of Monday, July 26th -- that left one dead and two hurt.
With the absence of users – I sometimes feel that I am playing alone in the courts with tall trees surrounding the courts, planes buzzing overhead on their way to the airport, and the setting sun also homeward bound.
I did see half a dozen dogs with their owners walking around.
People enjoy walking their dogs.
And the dogs love the park.
There are a lot of us, including the park’s mammals (squirrels, raccoons, and others) and birds, who will continue loving and using Jefferson Park!
Another nice evening in the park!
Enjoy the remaining three weeks of summer! 
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