Times are Tough for KATIE HOUGH (Tremont West Development Corporation )

Submitted by JohnDoe on Thu, 10/09/2014 - 20:56.


According to a reliable law enforcement source, Katie Hough , Ward 3 Area Coordinator for Tremont West Development Corporation, was roughed up during

an early morning  attack in a parking lot at a popular bar located at Kamm's Corners in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to sources, " The woman attacked a 43-year-old woman getting out of her car about 12:30 a.m., pulling her hair and punching her, police said. When the woman fell to the ground, several other women started kicking her side, police said."



The bar was busy -- it was Friday night -- and a 43-year-old woman parked in the lot behind the street lined with bars including P.J. McIntyre's and Back Stage Saloon. She locked her door and headed toward the bar when a pink-haired woman in a low-cut dress grabbed her by the hair and started punching her.
The woman was knocked to the ground, and four or five other women swarmed and started kicking her, the report said. The woman was hospitalized and treated for multiple fractured bones.





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