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Doug is one of Cleveland's premier artists and a noted art critic. Doug’s peers at the ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE, friends, and collectors are committed to raising the necessary funds to archive Doug. Archiving Doug will save for posterity, both his crackling puddles of paint and his velvet prose. We want to preserve his unique talents and identify Cleveland’s role in his work.

DOUG AGREES: Not only has he cordially agreed to be archived, but as a fund-raising incentive Doug will supply five signed giclee prints* of his work as prizes at a donors’ Raffle Party on September 25.

*"…these are not at all merely giclee prints, but actual smaller paintings on etching paper, about 9"/11", executed over giclee prints. In other words, they're essentially five very different compositions composed of paint and other materials, as well as an initial giclee image.” (Doug Utter)

Would you like to win one of these prints? Make a contribution and come to the Raffle Party! THE RAFFLE PARTY Here's how it works:

Your donation assures you (plus 1 guest) attendance to the Raffle Party on Thursday, September 25, 2008, 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

The Raffle Party will be at Lee Heinen's newly remodeled, "above-the-shop" apartment.

It is above the Quetzal Gallery and is overlooking the heart of Little Italy.

The Raffle Drawing will take place amidst the festivities! Your number of Raffle Tickets in the drawing depends upon the amount of your contribution. Give more and improve your odds!

FRIENDSHIP MATTERS: Put more Raffle Tickets in the hat!

$50 – 99 DOUG'S FRIEND - One Raffle Ticket

$100 – 199 DOUG'S GOOD FRIEND - Two Raffle Tickets

$200 – above DOUG'S BEST FRIEND - Three Raffle Tickets

Make check payable to: AAWR Archive Doug

Mail To: AAWR, 1834 E. 123rd St., Cleveland, OH, 44106-1910

Photo courtesy Dead Horse Gallery
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Love Doug's work! Must be archived!

I added an attached PDF of this invitation, which is a raffle order/donation form you may print to put with your order. I also added a few details from that to your posting above to specify costs, etc... but note it says the deadline is September 15th, which has passed. So I would suggest you call or email the AAWR at the contact info above, until clarified!

Evelyn and I are fortunate to have two of Doug's prints and we plan to get more of his work as we may afford. While I'm not a gambler, this raffle seems a nice way to get a shot at a great work of art and help preserve a good representation of Doug's work forever for all.


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An appropriate venue appropriately named for an appropriate event held for a most splendid rare bird.

(I am fairly confident that walk-ins with a donation are welcome :)  Thanks Norm!