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We are tired of the Social Injustice. 

Will this telephone call make any difference?  Not sure of that. But this is the system we have. Call 'em up, choke the lines....  

Frankly, I think a flash mob like they had at Coventry a few weeks ago could be the answer. Could be the new way to "vote".

Our political system is broken.  The voiceless are becoming more voiceless.  And society is getting ready for class warfare.

That's how I see it.  

Frank G is just one example...

And Frank J - won't be be the resolution.   You think? 

Call  the Mayor's office and ask them to help.

I have watched this situation with Frank G for 3 or 4 years and it is absolutely tragic and wrong. 

Mayor Jackson could take action to correct this wrong and the news would transcend the globe.  

A politician who reacts to the realities of constituents.

A front page story.  From Cleveland, Ohio.  

I like it...

Frank JACKSON, grab this story please...


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Thanks, Jeff.

We need lots of people to call. 

The City can work out a deal with the county landbank to give Frank a free house.  I promise that I will be there to help Frank with maintaining the home and making sure his bills are paid. 

This is a horrible injustice that must be corrected.


If you have time, can you make some of the photos into a header?

I don't know how and don't have any more spare time to figure it out.


I will put them into the header tomorrow

 Thanks for grabbing the images of the bulldozing.  

I will compose them into a header first thing in the AM.

I am convinced (though with no success stories to date) that individuals who care will improve our society.

(in fact the stories I can relate are pretty sad - individuals who cared actually made for worse case law - but I am still giving it a go)

Best, Jeffb

Call Ed Fitzgerald, a County Rep, or the Sheriff....

TOP COP IN OHIO...CUYAHOGA COUNTY SHERIFF....will he play favoritism for the "regime" who bought Frank Giglio's house or will he provide INJUNCTIVE RELIEF due to the Corruption associated with this case????? 

Cuyahoga County Sheriff
1215 West 3rd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 443-6000
shcuy [at] cuyahogacounty [dot] us








Call Ed Fitzgerald and ask for a cease & desist on the final transfer of this property.... FILE A FORMAL INJUNCTION...  

Will he have the power to realize that the FRANK GIGLIO CASE is an ongoing example that has dehumanized Cleveland Families and steered them out for long enough????? 

This (FRANK GIGLIO) is NOT Community Development; it's hell on earth for the victims of this TERRORISM....CORRUPTION! 



County Administration

Staff Directory

Ed FitzGerald, County Executive
County Administration Building
1219 Ontario Street, 4th Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
contacted [at] cuyahogacounty [dot] us

Name/Title Phone Number Email
Benders, Larry E., Director Economic Development  216.443.7277  lbenders [at] cuyahogacounty [dot] us
Bibb, Justin, Special Assistant
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Boyle, James, Special Assistant
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Byrd, Nailah, Inspector General
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Colon, Norberto, Deputy Chief  of Staff Justice
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Gauntner, Joseph, Deputy Chief of Staff Health and Human Services
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Hairston, Tanya, Administrative Assistant to Ed FitzGerald
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Hara, Elise, Director Human Resources
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Ivory, Bob, Special Assistant
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Jerse, Edward, Director Regional Collaboration
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Jones, Nicole Dailey, Director Communications  216.263.4602  ndjones [at] cuyahogacounty [dot] us%20
Kelly, Nathan, Deputy Chief of Staff Economic Development  216.263.4605
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Scofield, Jennifer, Deputy Fiscal Officer
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Teeuwen, Bonnie, Director Public Works
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Werner, Rick, Director Health and Human Services  
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DAN BRADY District 3

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Ohio Ethics Commission
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Magistrate: CAROL WEISS

Judge Michael J. Russo

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Sabrina McClain
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On Common Pleas
Bench Since:



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


Magistrate: CAROL WEISS

Judge Michael J. Russo

Printer Friendly Version

(216) 348-4037
Mary Pat Smith
(216) 443-8757
Amy R Cuthbert
(216) 443-8505
Sabrina McClain
(216) 348-4015
Staff Attorney:
Laura Creed
(216) 443-8591
On Common Pleas
Bench Since:




Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

 Cleveland Mayor Frank

 Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson should stand up on this issue and if not, RealNeo.US should go to a City Council meeting and speak out. Often when we fight these issues it is our own that turn on us while pretending to fight for fair play. You know who they are--Kathy Wray Coleman

I don't believe RealNeo.US

I don't believe RealNeo.US should solely go to the City Council. For me, it feels like we leave it to deal with this situation by itself. The idea of everyone of us calling is fantastic, we should probably do some mass texting, too, because Frank G will feel that more of us are helping and that he's not alone. Plus it will have more effect.

When I first started reading about this I got a bit lost in all

that happened. I bet newcomers, including the government officials we want to help, will get lost, too. Could someone make a barebones outline of all that happened, with pertinent details, such as "police shot and skilled his dog" as that has such relevance for later, the amounts of his real estate taxes as times progressed, which court of official authorized what. I still don't quite understand it all or how it was allowed. And Jeff, is there any way that this, once done and posted, could be made into a "sticky?"

Some background on the abuse of Frank Giglio

 Oldroser, this is an article that I wrote upon request from the editor of the Plain Press. I had not yet met Mr. Giglio, and did not interview anyone for this. I reviewed previous articles, and did an analysis.  This is the December, 2009 Plain Press.

The actual property foreclosure at the time of this article was on the adjacent lot that Giglio owns. The county was foreclosing on that lot for the tax amount of $184. That was paid, and eventually dismissed. The other lot, where the house once stood, is the one that was sold recently at the sheriff's auction. The house was demo'd in December, 2008. 


Friends of Frank Giglio seek justice and funds to save his land from foreclosure
by Debbie Webb

(Plain Press, December 2009) The demolition of the home of W.14th Street resident Frank Giglio is approaching its first year anniversary. Giglio, a long time Tremont resident known for his gardens and yard sculptures, has owned the property at 2288 W. 14th Street for over 20 years. A very private man, he has had several run-ins with the building and housing department. By all accounts, including those of the City of Cleveland, he met his obligations to repair his home. There are rumors and speculation about why the demolition of his home took place, but a close examination and investigation into how it occurred needs to happen. This saga has been covered by the Plain Press, the Plain Dealer, and the Cleveland Scene, as well as witnessed, photographed and videotaped by several people.

A look back at the reported facts show that 10 years ago, the City of Cleveland used heavy equipment to bulldoze his yard, leveling his organic gardens and destroying his car. A hearing was pending in Housing Court, and the order to demolish, or clear, his gardens had not been signed by a judge, but the yard was bulldozed anyway.


On another occasion, Giglio was arrested on a warrant from the Housing Court for violations when repairs were not completed in the timeframe ordered by the Court. The repairs included a leaky roof and peeling paint. Giglio was held on a $1,000,000 cash bond, a condition usually reserved for violent crimes such a rape and murder. His dog was impounded and put to death.

Giglio made the repairs, replaced the roof, gutters, and painted the house. He continued to be under the gun, and somehow Building and Housing obtained a warrant to inspect the interior. The citations were issued, and at some point, Giglio was evicted from his house and the house boarded up. The citations included not having an electrical outlet on each wall and a flea infestation. An exterminator for fleas was called out, but did not find a problem. The house was cleaned, but the problems with the City continued.

The Cleveland Building and Housing Department insisted on demolition. The house being a historic structure in a historic district went before the Landmark's Commission. A member of that panel, living in Tremont, stated that the house was in good condition and should not be demolished. In August 2008, members of the Landmarks Commission toured the interior of the house and determined the structure was indeed sound and should not be demolished. The inspection noted a solid house with good floors and a newer roof.

Three months later, the Landmarks Commission reversed itself, using the justification that while the house was sound, the owner may not have the resources in the future to maintain it. The demolition order had expired but, disregarding that, and with unusual speed, the city send out the bulldozer and the house was demolished on December 9, 2008. Giglio was now without a home.

Currently, again with unusual speed, a foreclosure on property taxes owed has been issued, while tens of thousand of dollars of unpaid taxes go without this process on property within a few miles.

It is clear that City services were used to target this man, that the judicial and civil rights processes were circumvented in this process, and that a full investigation needs to occur. It is noted that the lead inspector on this case, Rich Huberty, has been sentenced to prison after being found guilty of accepting bribes to place citations on buildings that lower their value and removed the citations after they were sold.

The property is adjacent to the planned new freeway ramp, sits across the street from a planned Cleveland Clinic Wellness Center and is in a neighborhood where complaint driven housing code enforcement is being conducted aggressively.

This location, combined with interviews and public statements by Councilman Joe Cimperman (in which he repeatedly contradicts himself), the city’s circumvention of due process, the use of city departments and services, and the involvement of Tremont West Development Corporation have all combined to fuel speculation that Giglio and his home may have been targeted. In the past year, two other Tremont homeowners found demolition notices on their homes. One has retained legal counsel, and the other was able to show that an interior inspection had not occurred which is what the demolition order was based upon. It is unknown if other residents have had this happen in the last year.

A fundraiser to help Frank Giglio pay his taxes is scheduled for Sunday, December 6, 2009 at the Zion UCC Fellowship Hall on 2716 W. 14th Street (the church with the red doors) from 2 to 5 PM. Organizers of the event hope to raise enough money to forestall the foreclosure, and plan future fundraising to cover legal expenses of bringing civil rights violation charges.

Editor’s Note: The Cuyahoga County Auditor’s Office records indicate that delinquent taxes on Frank Giglio’s property total $1,041.66. However, demolition charges are being levied on the property in the 2009 Property Tax bill, due for payment in 2010. The 2009 tax bill with the demolition charges amounts to $16,091.32, this will bring the new total balance due in 2010 to $17,132.98.

Frank Giglio - Making the homeowner homeless- for his own good

While DW worked hard on this story and did an excellent job, the best story ever written about Frank was American Scream by Mike Gill, formerly of the Free Times and Scene Magazines.

Mike Gill was the best and I sure miss his honest reporting.

The link to this story is no longer active; however Gill wrote passionately about Giglio- and he wrote the truth.  Mike Gill was actually given a brief tour of Frank's house and wrote about several false and inconsistent statements made by Councilman Joe Cimperman.

Joe Cimperman claimed there was no running water in Frank's house.  Gill wrote about going into Frank's house, turning the water on, and how the water was then hot after a few seconds.  I also used the same water to mop Frank's floors after our clean-up.

Although the link is no longer active, Gill wrote this as a follow-up:

CASTLE IN RUINS     12/17/08

Frank Giglio's house is gone. The house that stood at the top of West 14th Street - where Giglio tended an organic garden that was sacred to him, where he once hosted late-night bacchanals around a bonfire and over which he fought the city on a long list of code violations - was demolished by a steam shovel last week while he watched.

During his 15-year legal battle with the city, Giglio made substantial repairs, including demolishing a hazardous porch, painting the whole house and installing a new roof. Still, the city had claims about the plumbing and wiring, some of which were true. And the neighborhood was never happy that he let his yard grow over with weeds.

A hint of the confusing treatment Giglio has endured can be found in his tax bill: The county auditor's valuation of his property has more than doubled since 2005. That's interesting, considering that during that time the real-estate market has been declining, and the city of Cleveland has been working to evict Giglio and demolish the house on grounds of alleged decay. Giglio had been making tax payments and has a balance due in 2008 of just $86.65.

The social and legal issues surrounding Giglio and his house could fill a book (for a primer, go to; search for "American Scream"). The only new twist is that a single changed vote on a city-planning commission panel finally allowed the demolition to proceed.

But the bottom line is this: The city created a homeless man under the guise of protecting him from his supposedly hazardous living situation. They did that by knocking down his house, which he owned outright, with no mortgage to default on. At a time when the city of Cleveland can't keep up with its backlog of abandoned homes awaiting demolition, it knocked down a house that belonged to someone who made steady tax payments and desperately wanted to live there. One measure of a community is how it treats those who just want to be left alone. And in this case, the city failed. -Gill



And a doctor wrote the following comment to the original story:


True to political form, Councilman Joe Cimperman is still actively promoting homelessness in Cleveland with his latest campaign against Frank Giglio ("American Scream," December 6).
In his first Cleveland City Council campaign, I voted for the man after meeting him at the Homeless Art Show in 1997. I wrongly assumed that he might promote creative solutions to the housing crisis. Since being elected, however, he has done pretty much everything he possibly can do to make the lives of unhoused men, women and children more miserable. He was at the forefront of the campaign to demolish the homeless camp at Camelot near East 55th Street and Chester Avenue. He fought efforts to establish a shelter for homeless women and children in Tremont despite the fact that the majority of neighborhood residents voiced support for the proposal at a public hearing. He unsuccessfully pressed a lawsuit against the opening of a new women's shelter on Payne Avenue, and he shut down Jay Hotel, one of the last flophouse hotels that catered to those on the verge of homelessness. Kicking Frank Giglio out of his house for his own good is just one more piece of the puzzle.
The boarding up of Giglio's house did not have to happen. Prior to the bulldozing of his yard in 1998, I worked hard to set up a meeting between Giglio and Cimperman to mediate their conflict. Giglio was prepared to do what he could to address legitimate concerns about his property. Cimperman never showed up to the meeting and has proceeded to spread lies about Giglio ever since. If it wasn't for his systematic campaigns to squeeze the homeless, I may have thought that Cimperman had a personal problem with Giglio and misused his power as a result. Unfortunately the problem is much deeper. Since his election, Cimperman has always done the bidding of the people with the deepest pockets. He follows in the footsteps of many other so-called "progressive" Cleveland politicians.
Dr. Daniel Kerr
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Although that original link is gone, I did copy and paste the doctor's comment here awhile back


And there was also a story about Gill's American Scream written and posted on clevelandcitizenechoesonline:

On the West side of Cleveland, in the Tremont neighborhood, a drama is being played out that has people wondering if Hollywood is back in town. But the action is not fiction. It’s like Hollywood’s take (more fiction than fact) on the history of the Old West, where the powerful white man’s lust for land is taken from the Indian and settlers alike.                                                             

Are the contemporary men in power today, returning to the old days and ways of land grab? Of course the laws of the Old West, or lack of them, had changed but critics wonder for what class of people. For people who cannot afford the legal minds of affluent attorneys, it’s like a return to the Old West of land grab for the rich and not so famous. From now on I will call them the aristo-clouts, because if needed, they can hire affluent attorneys, to disable the spirit of others whom they might not consider to be first class citizens. You be the judge. All I am presenting here is food for thought.

The Old West mentality has been sighted in Cleveland’s Tremont area. And in all good dramas worth watching unfold; you have the bad guys and the decent folks. And it’s always pleasant to watch the good guys win out in the end. But it’s much too early in the Tremont drama to predict which way it will go. But chances of the good guy, in this central drama, Frank Giglio, winning will not happen without the involvement of an affluent top-notch attorney. The good guy in this drama did not have the means to defend himself against a powerful few at City Hall who plundered his land, without offering him any advice on federal government programs that are put in place, partly to protect citizens against the over zealous tactics of others. His land is valuable to the aristo-clouts and although they do not have it at this point in time, they are patiently waiting like vultures circling the property until default on taxes set in, before landing on the ground. I understand Giglio’s still owes about $85.00 in taxes from 2008. He should be treated like some of the aristo-clouts who owe much more then he does at the beginning of 2009.

But taxes are just one of many problems this man must endure at the moment. Giglio is now homeless after City Hall decided his house was to meet up with the wrecking ball, for his safety, to keep him out of harms way. They claimed the house was a death trap. So putting him on the street for his own protection was any deferent? Where is the sanity? Thus far, no evidence has been revealed that Giglio was treated any better then a stray dog by the powers within City Hall. Giglio deserves the involvement of an affluent top-notch attorney, who is willing to set down with him, offer a gentle smile and say, my friend lets talk about your state of affairs. Don’t worry about the fees. I have a taxman that’s almost as brilliant as yours truly. 

The outlaws in this Old West drama are many, but none would admit that the ultimate goal was land grab. The pad and pencil slingers call themselves house inspectors, the good guys doing a job many citizens dislike by entering homes in search of code violations. But where do you draw the line between code violations and nit picking away until a house is on the condemned list? And when the acts are felt intrusive to homeowners shouldn't they become defensive? But when Giglio did what he could to defend himself again intrusive acts, he was put in jail for his supposedly threatening behavior...three times. Another homeowner in Tremont now has a lawsuit against City Hall and the Tremont West Development Corp. Unlike Giglio, this person has the means to take the issue to court. 

The stars of this modern bad man western, is Frank Jackson, Joe Cimperman and Joe Santiago. Are these mean hombre’s fearing the lawsuits? Why? They have the power of the taxpayers money, fear not. One mayor and two councilmen, feel the heat of the desert from citizens anger over alleged wrong doings to the point of becoming immune to the outcries. The commotions are normal reactions, they would argue, to acts that must be taken for the betterment of all citizens. And for people who do not think so, City Hall has a law dept. to handle petty lawsuits raised by citizens who think easy money is just around the corner. And if the suits are not considered snap judgment cases, high-powered law firms with affluent attorneys, know taxpayers easy money, is just around the corner. 

It is not necessary to detail the Frank Giglio story here. Cleveland Scene writer Michael Gill has done it in part, before the demolition took place. And Plain Dealer writer Michael O'Malley did one after the demolition. For readers who wish to follow Giglio’s story which is on going, I will include a list of news print info, as it becomes available with comments of my own in future articles. 

Please Click here for Michael Gill’s article “American Scream: Making the Homeowner Homeless, For His Own Good” 

I cannot say please click on…for Michael O'Malley’s article “Tremont man jailed; his house demolished City's claim that Tremont home was a hazard spurs debate” PD articles are free to the public for 14 days only. After the time allotted, a charge is applied for retrieval. But mums the word, I'll send it out via email upon request until the PD protest in writing, cease and desist.  

It is interesting to note, how the PD treated two citizens, one first class and the other second, from the Tremont area that faced similar ordeals in loosing their homes.

Unfortunately, the PD seemed not interested in writing follow-ups to Giglio’s on going struggles after the first article. The only piece, dated December 13, 2008, was released in the midst of Christmas articles that centered attention on the less fortunate among us. But the only article centering on Giglio did not seem to give the reader a sense of wanting to become part of the fix from the PD's point of argument. But not so with many citizens in Tremont who know Giglio and are ready to help him overcome some of the hard times wherever possible, which Jackson, Santiago and Cimperman’s back turning put in his path. 

Among the three, Cimperman stands out in PD print as the Tremont homeowner readers should empathize with. His home was destroyed by fire. And although there is more to tell which the PD did in several follow up articles and an editorial, Giglio’s plight did not deserve the same kind of coverage. The newspaper really demonstrated a lot of empathy toward this millionaire, political, aristo-clout, who they claim is a stand out leader, a defender for the rights of the downtrodden. Where did these lofty praises come from? Certainly not from many Tremont citizens, who are now defending Giglio’s rights in Web blogs. 

Am I wrong? Am I wrong in imaging, that on the day the wrecking ball crashed into Giglio’s house, Cimperman was in the bulldozer drivers seat, spaced out from a natural high, that is felt when the powerful overpower the weak. Oh certainly! he would protest such a statement. But as much clout as Cimperman has, he is weak in one area that seems to be a tradition found in Cleveland politicians. He does not have the courage to defend himself in an email debate with me or other citizen where the chit-chat is open to the public. Am I wrong? Yes, if Cimperman was a "peoples" councilman, but he I doubt if he would get Giglio's vote. What happened to Giglio is a new low point in local politics. And I managed to get this far in my writings without using four letter words. But really, I don’t think they would loose any sleep over them. 

Officials at the Tremont West Development Corp. have been getting somewhat pushy (its officially called code violations) with homeowners for some time now. But there are greater numbers of citizens banning together to shove back the forces that do not resemble democracy in action. Landowners know the reasons for the march on homes, and hope their property is not included in blueprint drafts at TWDC or City Hall in a long-range plan that adds up to redevelopment. Of course if this is the game plan, City Hall can save the arirto-clouts a lot of money, when the time comes to remove homes through the process of eminent domain, from stubborn owners who found the right course of action in saving their homes. I feel that best explains some of the horrid tactics City Hall and TWDC used on Giglio. But the ultimate goal, is to banish anyone who does not pass the test of “trendy” from an area where the welcome signs are out for the professionals who may want to live a hop, skip and a jump from work downtown or close to convenient-swift transportation to wherever. I respect their aspirations, the American Dream lives on for some. But I feel most of them would agree, as was in the days of the Old West, the white man did a cruel number on the Indian by taking his land and the similarities to modern life is not much deferent. 

The Plan Press published an article that I feel should be read by all who are concerned about possible underhanded practices used in other development Corp. that may resemble what Tremont citizens are in an uproar about at TWDC. The article, dated December 2008, and titled “ Housing Gestapo still on the loose,” is a powerful message written by Jerleen Justus. PLEASE click here to read . I feel the commentary should be read by state legislators, concerned about proper business practices mandated by the state for all development centers in Ohio.


  $16,091.32 to Demo a


$16,091.32 to Demo a house back in 2009???? 

The City folks said that the average cost to demo a house was less than half of that??? But they are lying to the public again and again....extortion should be added to the list!!! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

it was a no-bid contract on Frank's house

Someone wanted this house down so bad that the City did a no bid contract for the demolition.

How Surprising.....(NOT!!!)

The plot thickens....nothing new with the City of Cleveland...but was a permit to RAZE the premises filed all the same???? 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Thank you DW for Clarifying the Frank Giglio Case History


Real Estate & Business Developers wanted his property long ago.....and they worked tirelessly to get it....violating laws, circumventing civil rights, bypassing any consideration for ADA laws, and outgrowing their britches within our town.... NOW WE KNOW WHO THINKS THEY OWN CLEVELAND......

They used unethical practices by "Circumventing" his rights so many times that it's got many in disbelief saying, "Oh, that's just not possible..." Well, if they (ETHICAL INVESTIGATORS & POLICE) would open their eyes and quit being blinded by their collusive relationships with they players; then they would see that this citizen was violated countless times.

Tremont West Community Development: Code Enforcers are used to target these (PRIME REAL ESTATE & HIGHLY PROJECTED FOR DEVELOPMENT) properties with countless code violations that they send to the City Inspectors (Puppets on a string)... The City Inspectors use the Code Enforcer's "Checklist" to write up Housing Citations against the owner which are criminal charges that put the owner in Housing Court. Meanwhile the Code Enforcers task the City Prosecutors to go after the same owners CONCURRENTLY with Civil Charges in Housing Court to ascertain "RECEIVERSHIP" of the same property and take adverse possession of the property AND charge the owner for doing so... (Money making deal)... GUESS WHO GETS TO BE THE RECEIVER???? USUALLY THOSE COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS...LIKE TWCDC.... (You know, the same exact folks who initiated the entire process to begin with...because remember: CITY INSPECTORS ARE COMPLAINT DRIVEN...they don't move until a call comes in....and usually it's from the CDC's. This entire ordeal is a spider web maze for most owners to react to..and it baffles them, keeps them caught up in confusion and meanwhile they are denied resources from COUNTLESS GRANTS THAT are available to them via the FEDERALLY FUNDED CDC & CITY collectively....Senior Housing Assistance Program, CASH LOANS, and many more social service options that help stabilize an owner are available which the CDC personnel SHOULD Be using to ASSIST this owner with or referring them to ascertain...but WHY WOULD TWCDC want to actually do their jobs at the level the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT initially funded them for??? Well, they have the inside track to all of the long term MASTER PLANS, UPCOMING DEVELOPMENT PLANS, and their Board of Directors are all vested players in the community who are NOT abiding by any ETHICS under the sun...They are simply using their positions to pull strings, figure out what the projected plans are, and have a fast track resource to targeting prime properties and using the tools of the CDC to bypass the owner's rights in the scenario and get away with anything they want.... How? Well, it's that GOOD OLD BOY, BUDDY SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION... The spiderweb game....

The housing court is giving HIGH KINGDOM RESPECT to anyone infiltrated with the CDC's...(THE CDC's can do NO wrong in the local housing court's eyes....Why not? well the HOUSING COURT JUDGE is the person who was the FIRST PERSON TO INITIATE THE DETROIT SHOREWAY CDC game in Cleveland many years ago...he's a personal master of effectuating this CDC model around town.... gentrifying the citizens one block at a time to measure up to HIS standards...) So, he gives absolute power to these "CODE ENFORCERS" who are allegedly working with the CITY INSPECTORS to "HELP" citizens like FRANK...

The sad part is; the majority of the properties targeted with such zealousness by the TWCDC and other CDC's.... are part of LONG RANGE DEVELOPMENT PLANS....That should have been made public to the actual owner's of the properties...but do you think that the CDC wants the targeted citizens to have a clue about WHY? they are becoming targets for housing code violations in any neighborhood? Heck no....if the owner's knew that their property had projected development plans; then they'd be reacting holding out to sell to the highest bidder or something...but these CDC's know if they can initially DEVALUATE the premises years before that projected development comes through and buy it and portfolio it...then when the development comes through....they win privately in their own gain.... Like the Ex Officio Board of Director's member who has apparently followed this case and ultimately used a straw company to "BUY" Frank Giglio's property at the Sheriff's Sale... Is that NOT SUSPICIOUS? 

The connections in this case are like a buffet of who's have so many departments, public servants, and participants involved in this tricky maze who have been doing this same wheel for years and GETTING AWAY with it because the poor, retired, elderly, and disabled are powerless over this typical confusing process... they are buffalo'd....treated like idiots...treated like crazy's....treated like "NOBODY's"...treated like "LESS THAN DESIRABLES" and their rights are constantly circumvented by these very dedicated to PROFITEERING underhanded, inhumane, collusive, two faced people who all have their hands in the pot...

The CDC's practically run Cleveland.... They have collusive connections that are like a mafia with the City Inspectors, Builiding & Housing (Permits), City Housing Court, Demolition Damian, the City Council, Landmark Division, City Planning Commission, the Police Departments (Effectuating "ILLEGAL" search warrants" unknowingly b/c of corruption that led to a "WARRANT" being made by the Housing Court Judge without true facts being presented to him.....not so cool for Judge Pianka....).... There are even Civil Judges caught up in this nightmare via the Foreclosure system....did I forget to remind you about the schemes portrayed by the RUSSO, DIMORA, ROKAKIS REGIME??? Come on, do you really think that Rokakis was EXEMPT in these games...but oh, his bro is a Federal Prosecutor...So, we'll let him slip through the cracks. While our government was growing outside of it's means; foreclosures were being liquidated to friends of friends with extortionist legal costs for fees for small tax amounts being added to already duressed tax bills... Our property taxes were inflated by both the county and the economy FALSELY.... appraisers, mortgage brokers, and so many more players like the title companies and insurance companies were playing... did I forget the LEGAL SYSTEM who has become the biggest profiteers from all the messes created by this industry????? Well, you might say; what about legal aid???? Let's just say that they are ill prepared to react to this corruption. At the end of the day, pay your taxes or become a pawn in their industrial nightmare of "COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT".... It'd be better to provide tax relief to the seniors, disabled, and low income who own homes in our town than to keep creating QUOTAS out of them to support non productive social service organizations under not for profit umbrellas that thrive off the poor anyhow.... it's a nightmare....and all over a few hundred dollars of property taxes???? No, all over GREED! 

Then there are the Demo Contractors....and don't forget about the Millions in Grant money at stake for running this illegal operation, the grants for (unlicensed/out of state too) demo companies to demo houses, and so much more.... it's BIG BUSINESS...and all the "FAVOR PULLERS" "get theirs" in the end....HOW??? Well there are PAYOFFS via cash, there are favors of work done for them for nothing, and there are the preferential treatment that they receive by all these collusive profiting entities that wanted the locations in the first place....

It's like a "who's who" of public servants far beyond the most sensible person's wildest comprehension... IT'S 36 years of pay to play via the Community Development FEDERAL GRANT SYSTEM that has led to this game.... an insiders game where the players laugh at the outsiders like a bunch of DUMMIES! They drink up at the expense of the tax payers... They smirk at the idiots who try to intervene... They humiliate the vulnerable citizens grasping at straws to save their homesteads which are the targets of these players...  They have grown far out of control and feel like they own our city and our people. They have grown to levels of thinking that they are the law in town...



Tis life in corrupt or leave because they are going to run you in the ground taking what they want for their own desires....and use you as a quota to get the other half of what they want....

Thanks to the FBI for doing your best; we know you are working overtime trying to resolve all the matters that you can in a world of pathetic maggots and bloodsuckers who think that they own our town.



The legal system and public servants who investigate these crimes are all EATING at their restaurants and patronizing their businesses....just the good ole boys..............................

In five years; will we look back on this case and have SOCIAL JUSTICE???? 

PROBABLY NOT...we'll all just be a little grayer...and wiser to the fact that corruption still runs our town....and the greedy can get away with anything......Pretty sad at the end of the day.... UNLESS some of these public servants start cracking whips on their infiltrated buddies....>SMILES......then we might see totally different results....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"