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            As a child I looked at the gangs on TV and said WOW!!! and why? Well we have our highest and strongest leaders in america promoting violence. DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS. Both of these groups  are supposed to be for the U.S. and the people in it, But someone is not, because as far as I see it if there is something that is supposed to help us PUT IT IN THERE, and if there is something that is hurting us TAKE IT OUT. And you still get a big house on the hill but why is this so hard? Fighting against each other pointing the finger at each other. You think people don't see this? Even the BLOODS & CRIPS which were two of the worlds most dangerous gangs. If they can come together and make peace, why can't the DEMS & REPS make peace in america. I don't want our world leaders to be showed up by street gangs, stop pointing fingers because there is no time for that. We have a good President that inherited a bag of rocks because of this violence. Now is the time to get together and FIX IT. Stop trying to show each other out and FIX IT, if not I vote for the gang at lease they got together and showed they have a heart and FIXED IT.   STOP SHOWING OUR CHILDREN VIOLENCE DEMS & REPS and stand up.  

a good President that inherited a bag of rocks

"a good President that inherited a bag of rocks" is the kindest, best explanation of our current world-state I've seen.

I still blame the current Republican power structure FOR EVERYTHING! Some things still need to change...

You get the Crips, Bloods and all the other good people together for peace and handle the peace talks - I'm still at war

Disrupt IT


The Political Gangster

                         We're all at war. But besides you,me,and REALNEO who is prepaired to fight, because we've done enough complaining for a life time. The President said very clearly and maybe some peoples TV was turned down so in case it was missed he said YOU meaning us the people have to help him, He can't do this by his self. WHERE ARE WE COMPLAINING OR HELPING? Me!!! I'm ready to WIN. I know america is too. LET'S GO PEOPLE!!!!!

I'll pick you up in an hour

There are a few councilmen we need to hunt down...

Disrupt IT

violence WHY?

The Political Gangster

                     The other day I was riding down east 105th street and School was letting out, there was a young man walking by his self and he looked to be around 12 or 13 years of age, the young man wore glasses has his book bag and going home. When all of a sudden another youngman came from no where and ran up and punched the other youngman knocked his glasses off and he fell in the street, I almost ran him over, Ihad to hit my brakes and swerve out so I didn't hit him. Then I pulled over to help him up and made shure he was alright. All this happened 25 feet away from a mega Church on east 105th Street. NO POLICE, NO CHURCH, NO HELP!!!! No wonder they feel alone.

Mayor Jackson--RIP Benny DeLoach

Another victim.

Will this murder go unsolved Mayor Jackson?  Forgotten?  Like the murder of Mustafa Atallah? Did you even read this story Mayor Jackson?

Every day, it takes courage to address the senseless anger of young people.  No one wants to say to an angry teen, first, stop the behavior.  Most of these kids don't even know why they are mad. 

But, no one WILL TALK to them--and now we don't even have a place, a Rec Center, for them to go on Saturdays.  See above posts--(of course, Norm speculated lead poisoning--a possible factor) but I speculate that it is a behavior you will find in all segments of America, regardless of evironmental health, ethnicity or income level. It's a behavior we have lived with for eons. And, it is not just boys now.  It is a behavior that affects girls, too.

And, someone is putting guns in the hands of our kids.  It should not be so hard to find out.  If we had a Mayor who really cared.

NO PARENTS.........

Children feel alone because they are talked AT....not listened to....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"