NEO Excellence Roundtable with Bruce Perens, on making NEO a global center of excellence with FOSS

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Bruce Perens  Bill Callahan and I are pleased to offer a last moment opportunity to join an important conversation just beginning on making NEO a global leader in the use of Free Open Source Software, with the man who wrote the Open Source Definition, Bruce Perens. Bruce is Vice President of Developer Relations and Policy for FOSS-related SourceLabs, of Seattle. NEO is fortunate to have a local connection with Bruce, as the Director of Marketing for SourceLabs, Athena Diamantis, lives in this region. Digital Vision Director Bill Callahan and East Cleveland CIO Abu Alli met with Bruce and Athena last week to discuss how to make NEO a world FOSS leader, and we decided that is a topic deserving much broader and more open attention. So tomorrow we continue growing the dialog.


Join us, if you may... 8 AM breakfast tomorrow at the Juniper Grill.

Some related topics include FOSS in education, government, industry, the non-profit sector and society in NEO. How do we create a FOSS savvy workforce? How do we empower citizens to leverage the power of FOSS? How do we educate government of the value of FOSS? How do we improve the value local businesses extract from FOSS? How do we build here a FOSS Center of Excellence? Help us decide. Please RSVP to norm [at] realneo [dot] us if you may join us. Cost: pay for your own breakfast.

From Wikipedia: "Bruce Perens was a former Debian GNU/Linux Project Leader, the primary author of the Open Source Definition, a founder of Software in the Public Interest, founder and first project leader of the Linux Standard Base project, the initial author of BusyBox, a founder of the UserLinux project, and co-founder of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Perens also has a book series with Prentice Hall PTR called the Bruce Perens' Open Source Series."

From SourceLabs: "Bruce is widely recognized as one of the leaders of the open source development community. In addition to being the original author of the "Open Source Definition" and a founder of the Open Source Initiative, he is also a founder of the Linux Standard Base and Software in the Public Interest. Bruce served as project lead for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and was the driving force behind putting the first Linux project onto a NASA Space Shuttle flight. Before becoming a pioneer in the open source community, Bruce was a software engineer in the computer graphics animation industry, and is credited in the films "A Bug's Life" and "Toy Story II." Bruce is also the series editor of Prentice Hall's "Bruce Perens Open Source Series." Each of the fifteen titles in the series is published under an open source license."


Juniper Grill
1332 Carnegie Ave (@ E 9th)
Cleveland, OH
United States

Bright bold Bruce

A brief perusal of Perens' works has me enigmatically energized for this breakfast.  It would be an honor to attend, and listen, and learn.  Manana morning it is! 

Follow up to the Perens Pow Wow

Carl's recent FOSS posts have me intrigued to learn more and reach beyond the theoretical underpinnings and perspectives gleaned from the user guide and administrator guides as well as Drees' website.  Drupal is, of course the dangerously dashing derivative of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) Content Management System that our own weblog REALNEO utilizes. 

Edubuntu , Ebuntu, Kubuntu and both ancestors and derivatives have had be searching to explore and read even more.  Bruce's website, which details the power and information available to an individual who explores FOSS as well as open source book publishing is very cool as well.  For more of my thoughts on FOSS and how we could apply it meaningfully from the Star Complex in East Cleveland to help transform our region and foster and promulgate innovative educational cirricula which simulatneously trains East Clevelanders and others on cutting edge software and approaches using FOSS, Drupal, Python, PHP and Plone, look no further than this post.  As we continue to innovate ingeniously and collaboratively as the great team REALNEO our ideas for East Cleveland's sustainable quality of life transformation (holistic-style) will manifest meaningfully, God willing.