tremont - 2800 of W.11 St - 2 aggravated robbery carjacking suspects - car taken at gun point - caught by heroes 2nd district

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Please be advised on the following arrest report from Commander Tom Stacho...I received 3 emails today from grateful Tremont residents expressing their gratitude to Second District officers Wayne Harper #2547, Ryan DiMatteo #2188 and Wilfredo Diaz #350 for their roles in locating and arresting 2 aggravated robbery - carjacking suspects. The actions of these fine officers is noteworthy.

On Sunday, October 5, at approximately 4:20 p.m. the Second District dispatcher broadcast information about an Oldsmobile Ciera which was taken at gunpoint from the 2800 block of W.11 St. in Tremont. While in route to investigate this matter officer Wilfredo Diaz spotted the stolen 1vehicle being driven southbound on W.25 St. near Meyer. Officer Diaz followed the vehicle while alerting other responding zone cars to his location. A number of units responded to the area one of which was car 2B26 manned by officers Wayne Harper and Ryan DiMatteo. With Officer Diaz following the carjacked vehicle and other officers converging on the area the driver of the stolen vehicle pulled into the apartment building parking lot at 2306 Meyer at which time the 3 suspects darted from the vehicle and fled on foot. Moments later, Officers Harper and DiMatteo spotted 2 of the fleeing suspects on Althen, captured them and placed them under arrest. The suspects were returned to the scene of the carjacking and were positively identified by the victim as those who robbed him at gunpoint. The fourteen year old brothers were locked up at the Detention Home and were each charged with Aggravated Robbery by Detective Thomas Balak #294.

As a result of the diligence of the responding officers, 2 felons were removed from the streets of our neighborhoods and we are on the verge of identifying the third. Great job Wayne, Ryan and Wilfredo and the rest of the officers that scoured the area searching for these suspects.

Thomas A. Stacho
Commander - Second Police District

Second District Community Relations Committee

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