Didn't come to play teeball.

Submitted by Tim Russo on Fri, 07/10/2009 - 08:54.

BLACKHEARTCleveland, that is.  Might want to take note, folks. 

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Traffic to BlackHeart

Hello Tim,

No, clearly you came to drop a link-tease for traffic re-direct to Blackheart, not T-ball. 

Tim, your viewpoints are welcome right here on Realneo.  YOu could do Blackheart posts like Guy does QuestMinistries posts.  Not a problem.  Double post like Roldo does to multiple venues.  But tease?

When I went to Blackheart to read about Ed Morrison, Marc Canter, and others, I couldn't find a way to comment.

No comments on Blackheart?

Anyway, I was going to comment that I think shaking out the good, bad and the ugly PESONALITIES may not be the most productive way to advance NEO.  Shaking out the ideas is another thing.

I like the snaky black river logo/theme...