Political Profiteering - Forest City's long history in Slavic Village

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Political Profiteering - Forest City's long history in Slavic Village
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Dead bodies in Slavic Village - 3680 E 50 latest

Forest City Enterprises (FCE) is a $10.6 billion company that most Americans have likely never heard of, even though the public finances twenty-three percent of FCE’s revenue. The FCE business model is dependent upon political profiteering: relying on public money and government influence to reap millions in profit.  Using highly paid lobbyists, political connections, campaign contributions, and strategic hiring of government officials, FCE obtains lavish public subsidies, tax-exempt financing and the seizure of private land from eminent domain condemnations.



Long READ -Eric J Brewer -Justin call EJB


Relevant information -excerpted and bolded:

When the next mayor walks into Cleveland city hall they will be walking into a series of ongoing activities.  Among them will be local, state and federal audits as well as confidential federal and state criminal investigations.

The next mayor is going to inherit a 6000*employee workforce Jackson built over the past 16 years.  They are untrained.  Undisciplined.  Overpaid at the top.  Largely incompetent.  An example of administrative incompetence is the construction and demolition debris landfill Jackson’s health department allowed to exist behind homes in East Cleveland.


Not even the city council “health committee” White’s protege, Johnson, served on knew Cleveland since the 1970’s has had a contract with the Ohio EPA to enforce air, water and soil pollution laws for Cuyahoga County. All of it.  I’ve had discussions with Northern Ohio administrator Kurt Princic about stripping the city of the contract because Jackson’s negligence has turned damn near the entire east side of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County into a landfill for every type of dumper.

Debris from University Circle’s projects have been ending up buried in Forest Hill Park.  Baumann’s does what they want at Broadway and E. 131 st Street; while one of the “son’s” plants dirt over stone at a demolition site on E. 148th and Kinsman.  Any mayoral debate about the environment that doesn’t include questions about why Cleveland doesn’t enforce its end of the contract makes the discussion moot if the questioners and candidates don’t know it exists.  Neither do the town’s journalists.  You can not ask or talk about what you don’t know.

Cleveland has been managed over the past 16 years by a mayor who was not a disciplined reader nor one who built “statutory compliance” into every facet of every municipal worker’s job description.  City hall’s activities, including those of city council, do not resemble the structure laid out for them in the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of Ohio, the laws of the nation, state, charter, ordinances and administrative codes.


I don’t know Bibb and never heard of him until his name began appearing in the Plain Dealer and on cleveland.com.  In my mind I saw someone behind the scenes “building him up.” What I know is Bibb has absolutely no consciousness for managing a statutory government that doesn’t need his “ideas.”  It’s the mayor’s duty to learn, master, obey and enforce two constitutions and federal, state and local laws.  The beauty of our laws is that if read and obeyed by the officials in government all our lives are improved.  They’re great governing authorities.  They just have to be “read.”

*Crain's Cleveland reports that the actual number of CLE employees thanks to FRANK is 7K +  GOOD NEWS for Justin Bibb - most of those employees LIVE OUTSIDE CLE and CAN'T vote in November.  Many got their jobs through Kevin Kelley.