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Here today - gone tomorrow

Digital memory is like that.  I know the content saved here has real value.  How long will it last?  Not sure? - Norm Roulet gets complete credit for thinking about these issues way before the Internet journalism of the Plain Dealer and way before Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets.

Jeff Buster gets credit for saving it, when the powers that be (mostly Mayor Jackson and his GCP-Forest City handlers a la Blackheart Cleveland) tried to completely destroy this site. The powers that be continue to delete the "fringe," folks like Satinder Puri and Guy Templeton Black (and me, and others), who don't conform to a neat package. has gotten better about not deleting whole accounts.  I've actually gone for months now and they don't delete me.  But, there is still a need for REALNEO.  So, that the little, little voice can be heard.