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Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 12/01/2005 - 13:09.

It's December 1st already! Only 24 days to find a special gift for everyone on my list -- and that includes some hard to please friends and relatives. Where do you shop in Cleveland if you hate Walmart and try to avoid the crowds and monotonous merchandise of the malls? There are plenty of galleries, boutiques, books stores, thrift stores and websites with unique gifts and shopping them can help support local artists, entreprenuers and charities.

Check out my blog regularly because I plan to visit a few places each day until December 25th. I will fill you in on what I buy, post a few choice pictures, and let you know where to find the best deals and the coolest stuff.

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Thrift Shopping - St. Paul's Church at Coventry/Fairmont, Cleve

Cool, Evelyn. I'll throw in some favorites too.

I like thrift shops - a favorite is in the basement of St. Paul's Church in Cleveland Heights - very small and only open a few days/hours a week but they seem to get donations from some upscale folks (like I found a shirt there once with the name Keithley embroidered in it... Like in Keithley Instruments). Best find there ever - a Picasso Ceramic bowl for $8 - probably worth $2,000.