neo Holiday Shopper - The Side Door shop at St. Paul's Church

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 12/01/2005 - 23:06.

Check out these pictures! The Side Door shop at St. Paul's Church (corner of Coventry and Fairmount) is the place for eclectic bargains. I could probably do all my holiday shopping there because there are so many interesting and practical things.

There is a special room with fine art, designer clothes and highend china, chrystal and silver that I like to check first. These chafing dishes were very nice and only $10.00. The handmade ceramic bowl next to them was cool too.

This vintage hat with rainbow colored feathers looked like it should be in a fashion museum. It was in great condition and only $5.00. A collector would be thrilled to have it, it might even inspire someone to start collecting vintage hats.

These metal owl lanterns hold votive candles. I bought them for someone on my list who really gets into Halloween. The pair was only $1.00. I bet they look spooky when they are lit.

The Side Door Shop has lots of gifts and practical things for kids. Tons of clothes, much of it brand name and in excellent condition for prices in the range of $.50 - $2.00. There is so much you should plan to spend some time searching through boxes. There are also puzzles, games, toys, stuffed animals, a stick horse. I found a fleece hat with huskys on it, a pair of Baby Gap red snow pants and some plastic toy tools and a tool belt from Home  Depot

The volunteer staff at the Side Doors Shop is very nice. They like to chat and help you find things that you might not notice otherwise. They also mark things down -- things that are already very cheap -- without you even asking for a discount. They gave me this Velveteen Rabbit paperback book for free. The cat cookie mold or ornament was only $.50. I will have to decide which cat lover friend to give it to. The amber colored flame bulbs are not a gift for any one on my list. They match the bulbs in  a fixture in my house. For only $.50 I could n't resist being prepared when one burns out.  

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