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Please email me with the two letters of the element in the periodic table which is responsible for the window sashes hanging from one corner.  Or, explain in detail how the element was used.    First correct local analysis gets a six pack of Great Lakes beer. 

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Mystery Muse snags 6pk - double hung FE weights

 diagram courtesy of Do It Yourself

 I believe Mystery Muse has the right answer - cast iron (Fe) sash counterweights were cut off the ropes inside the side frame counterweight pockets.  Weights for windows this big would be 10 lbs or more each.

 To get at the counterweight pocket "door"s you have to remove the trim (on at least one side of the window) which holds in the lower sash (lower window) .  Once the trim is off of one side, the window can be pulled out of the frame and into the room -  and it is then hanging on the two counterweight ropes - one left and one right hand.   Both side frame window weight pocket doors are now accessible and each will have two cast iron weights inside. So the entire window might have 40 or more pounds of cast iron counterweights.

To remove the counterweights you unknot the rope, or cut the rope above the weights and remove the weights from the pocket.   If the rope has a knot in it just above the weight (or midway up the rope) , the rope will not pull around the pulley at the top of the window frame side track.  

The windows in the image are hanging from the side where either the weight was not removed, or the sash rope had a knot in it and thus the rope is still connected to the side (top or upper middle) of the sash.  The rope being still connected to the side of the window explains why they are hanging with the corners pointing up and down.

The Beehive School is on Lee over by Miles.  If I have time I will go back and get close up photos of the counterweight pockets.

The main point of all this is that some of us in North East Ohio are so desperately poor that those citizens are  forced to scavenge to survive.  And in scavenging a few pounds of metal - we destroy a larger asset - the school building. 

 Our nation's economic disparity is dismantling our society .

Beehive School

  Is the school closed/slated for closure? You live a world's away from me--more mayhem?

Beehive School has been closed

I have passed this school for a few years since it has been closed, and haven't been by since early summer.  When I went by two days ago the place had been violated.    This could be a school in Cleveland - I need to study the map. 


 I when to school at Beehive---It would be nice to see it as a school again but I don't think it could be done,some time ago Mike White and Geo Forbes were in bussiness together and they converted this place into aptments,will as you see it didn't work. I was raised in this area,this place was nice at one time.


If this is in the hands of CMSD, I would not be surprised.  At this point, CMSD's building plan is a disaster and no one at the PD is paying any attention to it, because it is, afterall--Cleveland.  So, who cares, right? 

Landmarks Commission has it listed and the school is on the National Register of Historic Places.  How is it that the City of Cleveland lists date built as 1931, when the lintel over the door clearly states 1917? 

This is a crime

 The District predicts it will run a 83.3 million dollar deficit in 2009.  And, from the latest BAC report 10/2008:

The 10 preK-8s in Segment 4 under now range from 11 to 20 months behind the Project Agreement schedule. Three of the schools now are expected to be ready for the start of the 2010-11 academic year; the rest are expected to be finished in January 2011.

The length of the delays is largely attributable to a design review process intended to reduce Segment 4 estimated cost overruns. Although the Board of Education approved a revised Master Plan at the end of July, OSFC-funded work on Segment 5 cannot begin until the OSFC staff approves the plan and the District secures financing. Neither has occurred.

None of the completed schools meet any LEED standards.  Energy costs don't figure into the design.  One k-8 school is demolished and rebuilt (Buhrer on a land locked site) less than a block away from another k-8 school (Luis Munoz Marin with an adjacent track and field), because based on "projections"  they will have the density for two k-8s in 2012-2015. 

BTW, now Max Hayes will be rebuilt at West 65th/Walworth location and the relief school will be built somewhere else.  The old Max Hayes becomes a swing school.   Does any of this make any sense?  It should be obvious to anyone that they are making this stuff up as they go along. 

Also from the latest BAC report posted 10/2008 (although they had meetings this past weekend and tonight with no advance public notice):

The Woodhill-Quincy demolition has been suspended since July 2007, when the Cleveland Planning Commission balked at granting a permit without consideration of offering the building to others. The District wants to keep the land as an option for other uses. The District must now make its case to the Planning Commission. The decrepit building is considered architecturally significant because it was designed by a prominent early 1900s firm, Hubbell & Benes.  

max hayes/the view

It is news to me at least that Max Hayes will be built  at the W. 65th/Walworth Run. Public transportation is not the best for that area. I am betting that the current Detroit Rd. site will be demo'd and sold for pricey private redevelopment given the lake views. maybe we will be able to see the jacobs casino from there.


Luis Munoz Marin

Three years ago when my grandson started kindergarden he went to Luis Munoz Marin.  The kindergarten teacher was not an experienced kindergarten teacher, I believe she was an eight grade teacher.  My daughter-in-law told me that the teacher had no clue how to teach the young children, she would scream at them to try to obtain order in the classroom.  It was a nightmare for my grandson.  He wasn't learning anything and he started to dislike school - in kindergarden.  I am happy to say that he was accepted at St. Rocco's school and he transferred out of Luis Munoz Marin after a few months.  He is doing fine in school now and gets excellent grades, mostly A's with a few B's and his behavior is excellent too.  What a difference a good school makes. 

I am sad that not every child can get a good education.  This is not acceptable, all children deserve a good education.  And it is imperative that a good education be offered in our public schools as well as in our private schools.   And we wonder why the children have such a dismal graduation rate. 

CMSD continues to destroy our local heritage-local memory

Tremont School and Michael R. White are again threatened with demoltion - my neighbor reminded me of this story- see above and how Beehive School almost indicted former Mayor Mike White (see photos above):