Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 12/14/2007 - 10:12.

The lobby of the Marcel Breuer designed Ameritrust Tower in Cleveland, Ohio used gray and black granite.  

The Mies van der Rohe designed tower at 330 Wacker Drive in Chicago is has a very similar concierge station.  Photos of the Wacker lobby coming...

Both designers Breuer and van der Rohe kept their buildings Bauhaus clean...

What have the Cuyahoga County Commissioners done with the Breuer Lobby?  Will bidders for the fire sale purchase of the Breuer be allowed to tour the building?  Will they take photos?

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Public needs to assess the damages

It will be relatively easy to place values on any works of art and artifacts in/of the Breuer that are removed or destoryed. For example, the Breuer stand referenced above has a value - perhaps a London, Toronto or NYNY builder would pay $100,000 for an original artifact like that... same for the stone benches, etc. There are plenty of people capable of determining the value of such things. This building was foolishly purchased by our county commissioners, making it Cuyahoga County property, meaning public property. It seems the commissioners are in contempt at many levels on this project, including denying public access and accountability. As these commissioners have made clear they do not have the sophistication to appreciate and value the Breuer, they are disqualified from making any value judgements about anything regarding the Breuer - there should be a restraining order keeping them and their cronies miles away. The public needs to step up to protect the Breuer from further harm. How do we file some charges on this?

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