Who is Ron Nicklos??

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 07/10/2010 - 20:45.

Why is the PD deleting my comments related to an unknown real estate developer given chops here in this article?? Who is Ron Nicklos? I agree with what he is saying---especially that lame duck commissioners should not sell off the building at a loss. But what is the connection? I am not allowed to make a reference to the Greek/Hellenic community or to the same major politicos that control real estate in NEO??

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Ron Nicklos

Fine, said Nicklos. So don't sell the property.

"Instead of dumping this for a $25 million loss," Nicklos said, "if they feel their new vision was wrong, then let the new government make that decision."

It has been pointed out to me that I have met Ron Nicklos and his wife.  They eat at Sokolowskis.  A very charming couple.  So, I agree with Mr. Nicklos (the Plain Dealer also beefed up the description of Mr. Nicklos' credentials and his proposal). 

We can not allow the current County Commissioners to sell this building at a loss. 

I agree with the Nicklos proposal, but it should be amended to keep the Breuer building--asbestos and all.  A fire-proof building is good for storage.  Why not use the building as an archive?  I've proposed it before.  Maybe, I should get a full PD article for my proposal, eh?

Yes they should keep the Breuer

Yes they should keep the Breuer - I'm planning to use it as a greenhouse and the World Cannabis Exchange.

If they try to sell it on scam - like everything our government here does - I will step up and try to stop them, that is for certain.

Idle talk from a boring paper that doesn't even have the freedom of speech to cover the meltdown in Tremont... or the harm caused here by pollution.

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