Sustainable construction

Submitted by Martha Eakin on Wed, 04/19/2006 - 18:03.


As we launch multimillion dollar building projects around Cleveland, from the Art Museum to MOCA, to a reworked freeway and “signature bridge”, to new developments in the Flats, Cleveland might learn something about sustainable development by checking out the award winners of the first construction competition held by The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction

( ), an organization established in the fall of  2003 by the Swiss construction materials group Holcim Ltd.  By sponsoring  a global competition the foundation hopes to “further the discussion of sustainable construction among architects, urban planners, engineers, and building owners, and to recognize exemplary building projects”.  The first awards were made last fall.  Wouldn't it be great if our Port Authority bonded a sustainable project?

Every future NEO project should be AGAP

The first question the public and officials, planning commission, etc., should ask about any major building and development projects should be "how will this impact the environment" - we should score projects for their Greenness - and we need to educate the members of organizations like the Port Authority on all this - in the past, we have allowed planning to act in ignorance of the environmental impact - it is up to sustainable community leaders to make sure the future is much greener. How green? How stunning? I certainly would love to see projects in NEO getting recognized like by the Holcom Foundation... thanks for linking this in.

For now - how green is the East Bank Flats plan? Alternative energy... green buildings... runnoff management... geothermal? Anyone looking at this?

The Green Revolution is upon us

More and more I am awed by the escalation in sustainability-related activity in NEO these days.  Slowly but surely the ramp-up is happening and people are starting to awaken to realize that this IS the way. World experts in green design like Peter Garforth coming here to share their visions and we all stand to gain from the experiences.  Earth Day is nearly upon us and various grassroots organizations are collaborating to beautify and preserve our natural wonders - the collaborations have extended to include groups like East Cleveland Pastors Concerned, who have designated a Forest Hills Park Interfaith Cleanup in conjunction with the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes and other nonprofits - these conservation efforts are happening all over the region. Hybrid vehicles are all the rage and as peak oil becomes more and more of a reality we'll see unprecedented shifts to even cleaner alternative energy sources becoming the norm.  We in NEO are in great position to move ahead of these anticipated shifts and capture first-mover advantages for our region.

Let's keep the momentum going.  Let's show the world that sustainable strategies can and will uplift and transform our underprivileged communities and better our privileged ones.