Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 12/10/2007 - 12:48.


It's Monday morning and the site is locked up tight, with not even a rat in sight. 
Cuyahoga County Commissioners Hagan and Dimora haven't explained why, but all work by DiGeronimo's Precision Environmental (DiGeronimo’s also own Independence Excavating) and by General Contractor Carbone (under indictment in Lorain) has stopped on the Marcel Breuer designed Ameritrust Tower in Cleveland, Ohio. 
And the Dirty Dealer hasn't carried the news either.  Funny, the DD has a report today about the "insanity" of cell phones at Dewey's Coffee in Shaker Square, but that's old news covered by Norm two weeks ago on Realneo.  And the DD hasn’t carried a peep about the FBI investigating the Breuer purchase from Jacobs or about the FBI investigating contracts for asbestos removal which the Commissioners let to Precision at a cost of a million dollars more than the low bid. 
As Norm Roulet has suggested, the Commissioners should be sued personally in order to attempt to recover money which the County Taxpayers have lost because of the willfull and intentional damage to the Breuer.    The County Commissioners and County Administrator Lee Trotter were put on personal notice months ago that the Ameritrust Tower had significant international architectural value because it was designed by Marcel Breuer.   Nonetheless, the Commissioners desecrated one of Cleveland’s and Cuyahoga County valuable architectural landmark assets.
Rather than protect the public’s interest in that architectural value, the Commissioners took the politically calculated stategy that the sooner the lobby and façade of the building were irrevocably destroyed, the sooner the heated public debate about the wisdom of demolishing the Breuer Tower would subside.   
But the debate continues, while the demolition has apparently stopped, at least for today.  Now it is time to have the building appraised in its damaged state, and assess any diminution in value to the Commissioners who facilitated the demolition.  
It’s called RESTITUTION.   
 Courts assess restitution against vandals and taggers everyday. 
Why not assess Mr. Hagan and Mr. Dimora?
I did notice that the window washing rig which is on the N side of the roof of the Tower had a pair of cables dangling down the  two story roof on the rear of the Tower.  I will wager that that service hoist attached to the window washing rig was used to steal copper cable out of the building at night - cuz it wasn't used for washing any windows. 

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