Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 09/02/2007 - 10:51.

On Friday August 31, 2007, while Air Show jets stalled out conversations and blasted ear drums,  Susan Miller and I visited the “open house” at the Post designed Cleveland Trust Rotunda building which sits on the corner of Euclid and 9th next to the Marcel Breuer designed Cleveland Trust Tower in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.   Lee Trotter had announced this open house at the County Commissioners meeting the day before and the Dirty Dealer had carried the news a few days prior.   I wondered, why is the County doing this? 


As we approached on foot along torn up Euclid, there on the outside of the Rotunda Cuyahoga County had hung a dozen signs reading “BUILDING ON our Heritage”.  There was no question now – this was a dog and pony show -  with the public allured down into the drilled out safe deposit box vaults for photo ops.


Inside the Post there was an open ADA ramp through the Breuer - but there was a guard keeping the public from viewing the Breuer. 


I asked Tom  Ford, who was acting as a docent in what must have been a pre-existing small side “gallery” of the Post, who paid for the exhibition of photos of the Post construction?

  Mr. Ford explained that he worked for the County and that the exhibition was County Administrator Lee Trotter’s idea.   According to Mr. Ford, Mr. Trotter came up with the idea and sent Mr. Ford to the Western Reserve Historical Society to curate the exhibition, hire the copying of the photos, and mat the photos for the show.  I asked Mr. Ford why there was not a tour through the Breuer also.  Mr. Ford told me that from what he could tell (feel) in his county job, that “they” (county) were trying to keep the Breuer “quiet”, not stir up any “noise”. 


I pointed out that the Breuer was probably a more significant piece of “heritage” than the Post.  I also pointed this out to County paid videographer John Schick who was recording the Post for the County -  I encouraged Mr. Schick to also film the Breuer.


Clearly there is an agenda here – or is it just that Mr. Trotter likes the Post and not the Breuer?  This is your TAX DOLLARS at work....

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What would you do with the Breuer show up at AIA office windows

After Jeff left, I went around the corner to help members of the staff of the Cleveland Chapter of the AIA put the board of the Ingenuity Show, What Would You Do With The Breuer Buiilding in their windows.

Eric Greenberg from David Ellison's office arrived shortly thereafter with the "boards". There was not enough room for all the boards in the AIA windows, so Eric offered two of them to the show in the Post. This one is George Post's idea. This one is Breuer's. Or maybe it was this one...

The county's dog and pony show is over and the county will begin to separate the mecahnicals between the two buildings next week. But the show goes on at the AIA office windows 24/7/365.

Also Penny Rakoff's sculpture park is still there and blooming now. Take a walk by the corner of 9th and Huron and Prospect to get a glimpse of a cultural icon slated for demolition. See the building up close and see the innovative ideas from around the globe that were suggested for the tower.

Learn about how your tax dollars are being wasted on this project first hand. Then after mulling over it all, wonder why we allow this to go on. If you feel that our tax dollars could be put to better use, well, I don't know, write a letter to the editor or call your county commissioners and ask them what the %$#@ they are thinking.

When can we tour the Breuer?

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Why are they letting us tour the Post building when its the Breuer that we will never see again?