Follow David Ellison for County Executive

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 07/04/2010 - 12:22.
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no to David Ellison

David, why want to be the executive of health & human services for the county when you have this attitude toward your neighborhood "If a human incinerator is allowed to be built directly downwind from my house and next door to my future business, I will be more inclined to put both properties up for sale (cheap,because they will be worth even less with an incinerator located so close to the soup kitchens, prostitutes, criminal activity and rampant litter) and move away from
Cleveland and Ohio. " from the ohio city blog about the crematory???????

You fought it because of the brick and mortar investment as you damned the neighborhood around your investment. Health and human service oversight belongs in someone else's hands. We have had enough people in county government who are in to it for the wrong reasons.


You prefer suicidal leaders?

I found out Case/UH operate the MCCO coal furnace a mile from my house, and I need to move my family to escape. That is called being harmed by industry and intelligent enough to escape.

If people like David hadn't stopped the crematorium in Ohio City (I remember that issue well, and those who supported the crematorium were fools), you all would  be fools to stay.

That we have leaders in this region foolish enough to live with excessive pollution and who encourage others to do the same is the greatest flaw in our local society - you seem to have fallen for their logic hook, line and lead sinker.

I hear Steubenville is lovely - would you move there?

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no to David Ellison

 It is not personal. so don't go there. I am a 60+ years near west sider, called Ohio City now, and was on the front lines on the crematory issue.  You were not. 

We won the issue because of crew of hard working citizens took to the streets with petitions, fact sheeting, letters and calls to the Board of Zoning. BZOA was overwhelmed  by citizens. Ellison also opposed the crematory, but for different reasons, and we just worked  around him. He is a good guy in his own way, but not one to oversee services at the county level to the population that bothers him by their existence.  In that regards, he is just one more gentrifier.

I regret that you were screwed royally when you moved near a covert coal burning furnace. We have a lot of small toxic producing businesses smack in the middle of houses that are home to children. It all adds up. We take care to use green products, lead abate our houses and yards, eat organics, but then we open the windows and what comes in is toxic. I fear for my grandchildren.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever city or town you choose, and wish you godspeed.

Also, don't let the door hit you in the ass.




The door hit us in the face

Your perspectives match some of my observations.

Living in the city - having had kids harmed here - having been harmed here - I am very focused on candidates who will address the health hazards here.

Who will do the best job with that?

Any perspectives?

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