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  Brevity Reports for January

1/2/11: Felonious Assault on the 2500 block of W.15th Street: Police assist a 26 year-old male who was struck with a metal pipe by a known 57 year-old Broadway Ave. male while he was on his way to a convenience store at 5:45 pm.

1/3/11: Burglary on the 2100 block of W.21st Street: The resident came home at 11:15 am to find the back window on the house broken with evidence that someone entered the home, knocking over a flower pot. Nothing in the house was found to be missing.

1/3/11: Criminal Damaging & Theft at W.17th & Valentine: A male reported finding his parked Ford Ranger Pickup with the passenger window broken and the GPS missing at 3:30 pm.

1/5/11: Burglary on the 400 block of Literary: Police respond to a call from a witness who observed three unknown AA males in a white Kia Spectra casing the area at 2:10 pm, with two of the males observed breaking into a home by forcing open a rear door with a crow bar while the other male acted as the lookout. The suspects were observed to have fled on W.5th Street. The victim reported that items missing include a 55" and a 24" flat screen TV, a Gateway laptop computer, a Kurzwell keyboard, a guitar and 9mm Glock handgun. The witness provided a plate number that listed the owner with an address on E.71st Street. Update: An arrest has been made in connection with this incident (reference Deane's Court Watch report).

1/5/11: Theft on the 1800 block of Scranton: The contents of a repossessed car belonging to a Wakeman police officer are reported stolen, which include boxes of 9mm ammo, a holster, a police duty belt and baton and $133 in cash.

1/5/11: Criminal Damaging on the 2400 block of West 7th: A female reported at 8:30 am that she found the tires slashed on her Hertz rental car.

1/6/11: Aggressive Soliciting at Scranton & Clark: Police arrest a 50 year-old Walton Ave. male at 6:35 pm for stopping vehicles in the middle of the intersection to ask for money.

1/7/11: GTMV on the 900 block of Literary: A 1994 Honda Civic is reported stolen between the hours of 3:00 pm and 1:00 am and is recovered by the RTA Police on 1/8 at 2:53 pm.

1/8/11: Theft on the 3000 block of W.14th Street: The owner of a 2001 Buick Century returns to her car at 10:30 pm to find the license plate validation sticker stolen.

1/8/11: GTMV at W.25th & Clark: A 1990 Chevy Prism is reported stolen at 2:00 am. The car was later recovered on the 2400 block of Castle Ave.

1/10/11: Burglary on the 3100 block of W.16th Street: The resident reported finding his kitchen window broken at 5:50 pm with Sony 52", LG 42" and LG 20" LCD flat screen TVs missing.

1/10/11: Criminal Damaging at 1701 Castle: The passenger window of a 2007 Toyota Avalon parked in the school parking lot is found broken with a large dent in the door at 3:00 pm.

1/11/11: Criminal Damaging & Theft on the 3100 block of Scranton: A female reported finding her parked car with a broken window and the GPS missing at 10:00 am.

1/12/11: Aggravated Robbery at W.17th & Buhrer: A 21 year-old female reported that she was crossing the bridge over the freeway from W.14th & Clark at 1:30 pm when an identified male came up from behind and struck her in the head with a gun and stole her purse, containing $450 in cash, two money orders and misc. personal items.

1/14/11: GTMV at W.14th & Starkweather: A 1996 Honda Accord is reported stolen at 7:15 pm.

1/16/11: GTMV on the 2200 block of W.11th Street: A 1999 Honda Accord is reported stolen off the street at 9:00 pm.

1/16/11: Assault on a Police Officer/Resisting Arrest/DUI on the 3000 block of W.11th Street: Police discover an intoxicated male in a running car and are met with violent force by the male and his friend when they attempt to conduct a field sobriety test. The officers arrested the 43 year old W.11th Street male and the 34 year-old suburban male for the above charges at 3:13 am.

1/18/11: Menacing at W.14th & Castle: The father of a 13 year-old female reported that an unknown est. 30 year-old male has been following his daughter home from school for 2 weeks.

1/19/11: Assault at W.10th & Professor: An 18 year-old female reported being punched in the face by an unknown female who jumped out of a car.

1/21/11: B&E on the 2100 block of Scranton: Police respond to an alarm call and arrest a 51 year-old W.17th PL male at 4:35 pm for stealing scrap metal. The male was trapped on the roof.

1/21/11: GTMV on the 2000 block of W.11th: A 1999 Honda Accord is reported stolen at 9:00 pm.

1/22/11: Burglary on the 1600 block of Clark: A 12 year-old female reported hearing a crash at 1:00 pm and observed two unknown male juveniles attempting to climb in through a broken kitchen window. The males fled after being observed and a brick was found in the kitchen

1/22/11: Theft on the 3100 block of W.12th: The rear license plate is reported stolen off of a parked Ford Ranger pickup truck

1/23/11: GTMV at W.11th & Kenilworth: A 1995 Olds Cutlass is reported stolen at 2:00 am.

1/25/11: GTMV at W.17th & Valentine: A car is reported stolen between the hours of 10:15 am and 1:45 pm.

1/25/11: GTMV on the 2400 block of Castle Ave: A car is reported stolen out of a driveway between the hours of 11:30 pm and 12:30 am, and is found by the police on a nearby freeway at 12:40 am.

1/25/11: GTMV/GTMV Recovery: A Honda is reported stolen from Brevier Avenue at 10:30 pm and is recovered the next day at 12:22 pm after police attempt to pull the car over for running a red light at Fulton and Vega. The driver bailed and fled, and was apprehended by the pursuing officers, who arrested the 20 year-old male from the 3200 block of W.48th for GTMV.

1/26/11: Drug Offense at W.14th & Clark: Police arrest a 25 year-old Holmden Ave. male and a 29 year-old E.55th male at 10:00 pm with a quantity of crack cocaine in their possession after making a controlled drug buy with the suspects.

1/27/11: Assault on the 2300 block of W.7th: Police assist a 33 year-old female who reported that a known 28 year-old male slammed her head into the wall of her home during a verbal altercation at 9:30 pm, and caused some damage to her property.

1/28/11: Criminal Damaging/Theft at W.15th & Howard: The owner of a 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis finds her car with the driver side window broken and the GPS missing at 10:00 pm.

1/29/11: Criminal Damaging/Theft at W.7th & Literary: The owner of a 2008 Toyota Highlander finds her car with the passenger side window broken and the GPS, satellite radio system and some medication missing at 12:01 am.

1/29/11: Theft on the 2600 block of W.14th: A female reported that her purse was stolen from a bar while she was there drinking with friends at 11:30 pm, and the purse is later recovered from a nearby trash can with the contents missing.

1/30/11: Criminal Damaging/Theft on the 900 block of Literary: A male returned to his parked car to find the passenger side window broken and the GPS and car stereo missing at 7:00 pm.

1/30/11: GTMV on the 2200 block of W.11th: A 1999 Chrysler Cirrus is reported stolen out of a bar parking lot at 10:30 pm.

1/30/11: GTMV Recovery on the 1100 block of Kenilworth: A 1999 Dodge Intrepid is reported blocking a driveway, and the responding officer determined that it was reported stolen from Lakewood.

1/31/11: Criminal Damaging/Theft on the 800 block of Literary: A Lakewood male returned to his parked Honda CV-R SUV to find the passenger side window broken and the GPS and his iPhone missing at 11:15 pm.

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Mittal-poisoned little Catanias in training

Visiting Tremont - getting your window smashed in... seems a neighborhood Hallmark greeting.

Happened to Evelyn and me too - parked 1 block from Lincoln Park for one of those delightful daytime arts festivals TWDC sponsors... spent $60 on art and $100s on insurance deductible to replace window and car stereo... that was a good 5 years ago, and the crime seems more popular than ever.

We by our art elsewhere now.

Seems like petty mafioso kid stuff.... Mittal-poisoned little Catanias in training... but the damage is done.

Perhaps if Tremont had surveillance cameras there would be less petty street crime there. Perhaps if Tremont weren't so corrupt it would have more cameras.

Disrupt IT

Mittal-poisoned little Catanias in training

:)  That is one of your better lines, Norm.  I am still laughing.

One can wonder just how much

One can wonder just how much of this cash Sammy paid to his good friend Steve Finegold who was selling those fine security cameras that don't work?